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August 13, 2022

PM Ciuca: Romania has shown great resilience in managing Ukrainian refugee crisis

The current crisis of Ukrainian refugees has demonstrated an unwavering and unbeatable behavior at the international level, and Romania has shown a “special resilience” in this field through exemplary cooperation between authorities, citizens and non-governmental organizations, declared Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

“Romania, together with Europe and the world, was facing a pandemic and its economic effects at the time of the outbreak of the conflagration. Added to these was the global energy crisis, not at all disrupted by the current war that broke out on February 24. Russia’s large-scale use of the military instrument, the refugee crisis and the prospect of an economic crisis announced by the extremely complex issue of supply chain coherence and globalization disruptions as a result of sanctions and isolation imposed on Russia and Belarus came on top of all mentioned above. Unlike 2015, when one million migrants from the Middle East shook Europe, threatening to divide it, the current Ukrainian refugee crisis has shown the opposite, solidarity and unbeaten behavior. In Romania, ordinary people have joined non-governmental, religious, public and administrative organizations, local and government institutions to support, help, feed, accommodate and transport those in need. Romania had half a million Ukrainian refugees on its territory. We also add tens of thousands of foreign nationals who were caught in the war in Ukraine, who crossed our country and needed help to get to their home states. Romania supported everyone. It was a time when Romania was recognized by all world leaders. We had discussions, we had meetings here in Bucharest, we had telephone conversations with all the prime ministers who had to take measures to repatriate their citizens. It was a time when I could say, without fear of being wrong, that Romania shone. And starting from this moment, I think we need to continue to prove that we can shine,” Nicolae Ciuca declared, on Friday, in the speech given at the debate under the auspices of Team Romania, organized by the Aspen Institute.

The Prime Minister added that the resilience of our country has proved special in this field, based on exemplary cooperation between state institutions, citizens and non-governmental organizations.

“We have invested 3.4 million euros in humanitarian aid and built a European logistics hub for humanitarian aid in Suceava. (…) In Isaccea I saw two days ago the involvement and mobilization of the local authorities, who, without anyone having asked them to do more than they could have done, they have done and continue to do, because this spirit of solidarity. This spirit of mobilization has led them to show, as I said earlier, that it is possible more than anyone would have expected, and I thank them once again in this way. It is about refugees but also about Ukrainians remained in their country. They need food, fuel and medicine, and this hub and other locations and warehouses do nothing but support them and continue to transport equipment and materials to the territory of Ukraine. It is an urgent need of the remaining Ukrainian citizens in the country to defend their country. Together with NATO allies, partners in the European Union, the states of the world, we have been together and we are ready to continue to support these efforts. At the political level, we have seen resilience and quasi-unanimous mobilization of the international community, the unexpected adaptability, perhaps for some, of the frontline states to receive the waves of refugees and to provide support to Ukraine, including Romania,” Ciuca said, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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