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August 11, 2022

Almost 500.000 Ukrainians enter Romania since crisis starts. EC team to come to Bucharest to discuss mechanism for settling Ukrainian refugee expenses

A team from the European Commission will come to Bucharest next week to discuss a “coherent, integrated and rapid mechanism” for the settlement of Ukrainian refugee expenses, spokesperson of the Government, Dan Carbunaru announced on Saturday.

“Next week, the European Commission will send a team to Bucharest to discuss the mechanisms for settling the expenses that Romania has incurred so far. 30.5 million euros have already been spent by our country, according to the first evaluations, in managing the refugee influxes. The cost structures are complex because they do not only include accommodation and food expenses. You know that the Government has decided to provide free transportation for refugees entering Romania. Many of them choose to leave our country either through Bulgaria or through Hungary. Therefore, the structures of these costs do not refer only to the management of the almost 80,000 citizens who today have decided to stay on the Romanian territory,” Dan Carbunaru told a press conference at Victoria Palace of Government.

He showed the first settlement requests had already been sent to Brussels last week.

“The authorities in Bucharest are thinking of the assistance that these people will receive in an integrated manner, either through the national state effort or through the integrated efforts offered by the civil society, the volunteer system and of course the international organizations that are part of this coordinated response at our country’s level,” said Carbunaru, according to Agerpres.

The government spokesperson said that in order to estimate the expenses with Ukrainian refugees, all ministries and authorities involved are conducting evaluations.

“Evaluations are conducted daily and all ministries, all authorities that contribute to these forms from the perspective of the national budgetary effort provide the Government with up-to-date information on these steps. To these figures are added the efforts that the local authorities make and here we are particularly aware of the efforts of the counties on the northern border, especially Suceava, or in the southeast – Tulcea. Significant efforts are made there as well. (…) I believe we have already exceeded 10 humanitarian transports managed through the European-scale hub in Suceava. (…) All expenditures are centralized and transmitted. This week, the officials from Brussels who come to Bucharest have the mission to generate a mechanism that is as coherent and integrated as possible and as fast as possible to settle all the expenses that Romania is managing,” Carbunaru explained.


Almost 500,000 Ukrainians enter Romania since crisis starts


Romania’s General Border Police Inspectorate informs that as of Saturday, 68,161 people entered Romania in the last 24 hours nationwide via the border crossing points, including 10,699 Ukrainian citizens (down 4.3% from the previous day).

As many as 5,390 Ukrainian citizens entered via the border with Ukraine (slightly down 0.6%), and 3,588 Ukrainian citizens entered via the border with Moldova (down 13.6%).

Since the beginning of this crisis until Saturday, at 24:00hrs nationwide 491,165 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania.


Photo: www.gov.ro


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