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August 8, 2022

Postis launches Parcely, the first mobile app where end-customers can track all their orders, from any

Postis, the first Romanian digital platform for delivery management, automation, and optimization, launches Parcely, the first integrated Track & Trace app for end-customers. They will be able to seamlessly track directly on their smartphone all the orders they are about to receive, regardless of the store they purchased from, and the courier company used for delivery.

Through this app, buyers will be able to view the status of all orders placed, in one place, without having to regularly check other apps or websites. They will receive notifications on their phone in real-time at each stage of the delivery (from the moment when the retailer processes the order, to the actual delivery). Once the order is delivered, they will even be able to provide ratings and feedback on the quality of the delivery. Parcely by Postis can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store. At launch, the app can be used by shoppers in Romania and will later be available in other Central and Eastern European markets.


How the mobile application works:


  • If the delivery is optimized by the retailer through the Postis Platform, the information is automatically retrieved, and notifications are sent based on the phone number that was entered by the shopper at the time the order was placed;
  • If the buyer wants to track an order that has not been processed through the platform, he can manually enter the order number (AWB) received from the courier or retailer, it will be added to his list, and the app will notify him afterward each time the delivery status changes.

End-users will even find out the estimated time slot in which the order will be delivered, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms when orders are optimized through the Postis Platform.

“Since the company was founded, in more than 5 years of optimizing delivery processes for our clients, we have identified what the main needs of the end-customers are, as well as the issues they face when shopping. We often see that the excitement of receiving an order is overshadowed by the experience of a less happy delivery.

 Parcely by Postis mobile application was developed based on a study about the Click-to-Door shopping experience which we conducted last year, where we analyzed over 15 million clicks, resulting in over 500,000 online orders, for 35 retailers using the Postis Platform across 64 e-commerce metrics. In total, more than 1 billion data points were analyzed, and the findings helped us develop the functionalities that both end-customers and retailers need to keep the joy of shopping from being spoiled. We estimate that Parcely will improve the quality of deliveries for more than 250,000 shoppers in the first 6 months after launch”, says Andrei Moldoveanu, Postis Product Owner.


Although the app is aimed at end-users, retailers also benefit from several competitive advantages:


  • Parcely by Postis is carrier agnostic – end-customers can track their parcels even if the shop where they placed the order does not optimize deliveries through the Postis Platform, and regardless of the number of couriers used by each retailer to streamline its delivery ecosystem;
  • Automation: if optimized through the Postis Platform, order data is automatically retrieved, and notifications are sent to shoppers without any input from their side;
  • Transparency and two-way communication: push notifications from the app complements or can entirely replace SMS or email notification messages, which can generate additional costs or delays in updating information; once the order is delivered, the buyer can provide ratings and feedback, based on which the retailer will be able to improve the efficiency and quality of his deliveries;
  • The application is constantly being developed with new functionalities to optimize and improve deliveries and increase customer loyalty.


About Postis


Founded in 2016, Postis is the first Romanian LogTech start-up, revolutionizing the logistics and transport sectors through technology: open digital platforms, artificial intelligence algorithms, data-driven business decisions, analytical tools, and automation.

Commercially launched 5 years ago, the Postis Platform integrates all significant distribution and delivery providers and can be used by any company in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe that transports and delivers goods and needs to increase productivity, streamline operations, optimize costs, diversify delivery options, improve customer experience and relationships, scale the business, adjust the business model or enter new markets.

The Postis Platform is currently used by more than 200 companies, including Flanco, Ikea, Cărturești, Elefant.ro, Dr. Max, Auchan, Intersport, Cora and Noriel. Following its accelerated growth in Romania, Postis has started expanding into new markets and launched operations in Poland, in the city of Wroclaw, at the end of February. In addition, the company is in the process of completing a new Series A investment round, which will fund the expansion of operations in Central and Eastern Europe, further platform development, and team growth. For details visit www.postis.eu



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