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August 18, 2022

NEPI Rockcastle announces the Donate for the Ukrainean people campaign, conducted through SPOT application

NEPI Rockcastle, the largest investor and developer of shopping centers in Central and Eastern Europe, announces the “Donate for the Ukrainean people” campaign, conducted through SPOT, the mobile loyalty application of the company.

Thus, the group commits to donate the amount of 75.000 euro to the humanitarian organization Crucea Roșie Română, for the acquisition of the necessary products to support the civilians affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Customers using the SPOT mobile application can donate loyalty points by accessing the newly created section “Donate for the Ukrainean people”, being redirected to the donation page. The SPOT users can choose the number of points they want to donate, which will be converted financially by NEPI Rockcastle, with a parity of one on one: 100 points, 100 lei; 200 points, 200 lei etc.

NEPI Rockcastle’s Donate for the Ukrainean people campaign will run until the sum of 75,000 euro is gathered. The representatives of NEPI Rockcastle estimate the campaign will achieve its goal by the end of April.

“NEPI Rockcastle stands with the people of Ukraine. Our thoughts and efforts remain with the families impacted by the conflict and we will further support their cause through close collaborations with humanitarian organizations, like Crucea Roșie Română. In these times, the civil society, along with companies, people everywhere and authorities prove boundless generosity, empathy and real leadership. We will continue mobilizing our resources in supporting people in need”, said Rüdiger Dany, CEO, NEPI Rockcastle.

“Through our actions, we want to help and protect the Ukrainian civilian population who arrives in Romania, but especially the people who are in Ukraine. All the support we receive from companies is necessary and highly appreciated. I believe that the solidarity we have seen in these times is amazing and represents hope for all nations. We thank NEPI Rockcastle for joining us in our endeavor to do good deeds”, said Ioan Silviu Lefter, General Director, Crucea Roșie Română.

18 commercial centers from NEPI Rockcastle’s portfolio in Romania are involved in the fundraising campaign, conducted through SPOT mobile application.




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