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August 13, 2022

HealthMin Rafila: Next week we will start distributing potassium iodide pills to eligible population

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, on Monday stated, in Ploiesti, that a campaign to distribute will start next week to distribute potassium iodide pills to the eligible population.

“This week we are running an information campaign and, starting next week, we are starting to distribute potassium iodide pills to all those who are eligible, in principle the population up to the age of 40,” Rafila told a news conference.

The minister explained the need to distribute these pills, referring to the armed conflict in Ukraine, but also to the “collective memory” of the Chernobyl nuclear incident.

The Minister of Health stated on Saturday that the distribution of potassium iodide pills to the population could take two to three weeks, but mentioned that this will be done only after a very clear information of the citizens.

“We have to discuss [the period in which the pills will be distributed – editor’s note], for we are not talking about 100,000 or one million people who should receive these pills, we are talking about several million families and the time allocated to this distribution must be according to out possibilities of distributing them. We have about 10,000 family doctors in Romania, there are 16 million people on the lists of these family doctors, and obviously it takes two to three weeks, probably, for them to be able to distribute them, to call all their patients one at a time and to be able to distribute these pills to them,” Rafila told a news conference at the Victoria Palace on Saturday.

He said that this will be done only after a very clear information of the population. The Minister of Health also mentioned that the potassium iodide pills will be provided free of charge, because it is a public health problem.

The Iasi Antibiotic Factory produced 30 million tablets with potassium iodide. The vast majority of them have already been distributed to the warehouses of the public health directorates in the country.

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