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August 10, 2022

PM Ciuca in Sofia: We have talked about ways to develop our cooperation as allies to strengthen NATO’s defence and deterrence posture on the Eastern Flank

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Monday in Sofia that a stronger defence, more efficient deterrence and higher resilience of the society were needed for a better security in South-Eastern Europe after the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“Russia’s choice of starting a war against Ukraine has seriously affected the security climate in the Black Sea regions and in the South-East of Europe. We need coordination in this region and today we have done this very thing. Working together is a key approach in conflict management. That is why, together with my colleagues, we have decided to maintain the firm strategic orientation to the Euro-Atlantic values. Today we have talked about ways to develop our cooperation as NATO allies so as to encourage, strengthen NATO’s defence and deterrence posture on the Eastern Flank. Our countries already have a sturdy experience in terms of regional cooperation in the defence area, that can be capitalised on in this direction,” Ciuca told a joint news conference with the prime ministers of Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

He pointed out that Russia is currently the highest threat to the common security of the region.

“We have no doubt that Russia is now the biggest threat for our joint security. We need better defence and more efficient deterrence and we need a higher resilience of the society and infrastructure for a better security. We have noted Russia’s malign pressures and its influence in the region. We have decided to counteract by increasing our resilience. This included reducing the dependence on Russian energy, combating Russia’s false narratives, more cyber protection and an increase in trade among us,” Ciuca said.

Nicolae Ciuca emphasized that Ukraine is in a critical situation and mentioned that special attention needs to be granted to the Republic of Moldova.

“We have proven a constructive approach by helping our partners face the consequences of this unprovoked war. Ukraine is in a critical situation. Special attention needs to be granted to the Republic of Moldova which is facing multiple crises. The refugee crisis has tested the resilience of the state institutions and the economic difficulties resulting from the war. At the same time, we express support towards Montenegro, in view of intensifying the rhythm of reform in accordance with the advanced stage of the path to accession. I believe our meeting in Sofia has contributed to a tighter cooperation in this part of Europe. We have convened to continue on this path and to face together the threats on joint security,” he said, according to Agerpres.


The meeting, an opportunity to deepen consultations on the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and security in southeastern Europe


Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca on Monday was welcomed in Sofia by his Bulgarian counterpart Kiril Petkov at Boyana Residence.

The meeting took  place on the sidelines of a summit of heads of governments of the southeastern Europe NATO member states hosted by the Bulgarian prime minister. Ciuca gave a speech to the plenary session of the meeting, which was  followed by joint press statements.

Ciuca was  also scheduled to attend a working lunch hosted by the Bulgarian prime minister and then to bilateral meetings with Petkov, Prime Minister of Montenegro Zdravko Krivokapic and with Prime Minister of North Macedonia Dimitar Kovacevski.

According to a statement released by the Romanian government, the plenary session will address how the Russian invasion of Ukraine will affect regional security in the short, medium and long term, as well as ways to strengthen coordination and co-operation in southeastern Europe.

“The meeting will provide an opportunity to deepen consultations on the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and security in southeastern Europe. These talks are taking place at the right time, given that they are being held immediately after last week’s NATO summit in Brussels, in which I participated together with the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis,” Ciuca is was quoted as saying in the statement.


PM Ciuca thanks Bulgarian Government for commitment to complete Bulgaria-Greece interconnector


Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca thanked, on Monday, the Government in Sofia for its commitment to complete the Bulgaria-Greece interconnector, emphasizing the importance of ensuring natural gas resources, necessary also to obtain chemical fertilizer.

“I believe it’s important to mention that, until now, we are not facing problems in what regards the supply of food. Of course, there are issues with regard to the supply chain for food, due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the sanctions applied on Russia. From this point of view we must evaluate all these factors. We have discussed how we can support each other, and one of the most important aspects brought to discussion was that of chemical fertilizers. For this reason, I believe the gas and energy resources are very important, given that natural gases are necessary for fertilizer. I want to thank Kiril [Petkov] and his government for his commitment to finalize the Bulgaria-Greece interconnector,” Nicolae Ciuca said, in a joint press conference with the Prime Ministers of the Governments of Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro.

“We have discussed a lot about this corridor, taking into account the current situation and the fact that there is a great need to diversify gas resources. I have discussed with Kiril and the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. We are determined to do all we can to have this interconnector finalized as soon as possible. We cannot have liquefied gas without this interconnector finalized,” said Ciuca.

As part of the same press conference, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Kiril Petkov, expressed confidence that until the end of June the pipeline might be completed.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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