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August 8, 2022

Bitpanda introduces unlimited annual leave along with a new benefits package for employees

  • Bitpanda keeps investing in its people by launching an enhanced benefits policy that gives its employees freedom and flexibility, as they find their right balance between work and personal life.
  • The Austrian fintech unicorn introduces an unlimited “Annual Leave” policy, alongside two recharge breaks per year, 20 weeks fully paid parental leave, as well as the opportunity to work from anywhere for up to 60 working days per year.
  • The extended benefits policy acknowledges the diversity of needs and lifestyles of a growing team, aiming to offer everyone the flexibility they need to successfully combine work and life on their own terms.

Digital investment platform Bitpanda enhances its benefits policy, aiming to offer freedom and flexibility to its team of almost 1.000 people. Recognizing the lifestyle differences of a diverse, growing team, Bitpanda continues to invest in its people, offering them unlimited, fully-paid Annual Leave, two recharge breaks per year, 20 weeks fully paid parental leave, as well as the opportunity to work from anywhere for up to 60 working days per year.  Everyone will receive the same benefits, regardless of their role, level, or position — from the company’s executives to the most junior team members.


Unlimited paid holidays


Effective as of 1 April 2022, Bitpanda is levelling up its holiday policy and becoming the first Austrian company of its size to offer unlimited, fully-paid annual leave. Effective across cultures, teams and time zones, all employees will have a completely flexible option to take breaks, recharge and perform at their best in one of the fastest-changing and demanding sectors.


2 Recharge Breaks per year


Following a successful pilot last year, Bitpanda now introduces two fully-paid “Recharge Breaks”, spaced throughout the year. These will be collective breaks granted to the entire team, making sure that people can fully disconnect, without worrying about overflowing inboxes or the pressure to be “always on”. During these breaks, Bitpanda’s platform, services and  customer support will continue to be online. If people are critical to business continuity and cannot take time off during the set Recharge Breaks,  they will be entitled to time off in lieu at a later date.


Work from Anywhere


Bitpanda also rolls out a “Work from Anywhere” policy, allowing people to work from a location of their choice for up to 60 working days per year. To guide effective collaboration and ensure learning continues, people working from other countries need to make sure that 80% of their daily working time overlaps with the rest of their team.


Support while building a family


To reflect the fact that modern families come in many different varieties, Bitpanda is introducing a gender-neutral, 20-weeks, fully paid parental leave policy for all new parents. This includes birth, surrogate, and adoptive parents of any gender or age, regardless of sexual orientation or family construction, including same-sex partners and single parents.


A new world of work


All the enhanced benefits blend perfectly with Bitpanda’s Hybrid Working model, designed to offer the support people need in successfully combining work and life. The hybrid model entails an approximate 50-50 split between work from home and working in one of the Bitpanda talent hubs. Bitpanda now has 10+ talent hubs across Europe, including Vienna (HQ), Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Dublin, Krakow, London, Madrid, Milan and Zurich.

Eric Demuth, Bitpanda Co-founder and CEO, says: “We want Bitpanda to be the place that offers everything our Pandas need to grow and keep up with one of the fastest-changing and demanding sectors. With our new ‘flexibility-first’ approach, we’re making sure that everyone has the opportunity to take time off after busy time periods and the support to be at their best.”


Bitpanda in Romania


In February Bitpanda announced a €10M investment in a new Talent Hub in Bucharest led by Rares Hutanu as Director of Engineering. Just six months after securing a $263 million Series C, Bitpanda is gearing up its engineering team aiming to bring onboard more than 70 people in its Romanian Talent Hub by the end of 2022. Bitpanda is now looking for Engineering Managers, Backend (PHP and Java), Frontend, Native Mobile Developers (both iOS & Android), Quality Assurance Engineers, Technical Product Owners and Technical Recruiters to join the Talent Hub in Romania.

“Bitpanda started as a startup, and now we’re a fintech unicorn. This transition has helped us gain significant experience in terms of both the needs of our users and our employees. We’re aware of the great responsibility we have – to continuously develop a solution that meets the needs of users, a viable solution that can serve the highest standards. At the same time, we know that in order to achieve good results and to be the leading investment platform in Europe, our team also needs to feel well and fulfilled. Investing in our people and creating a healthy, friendly and laid back work environment brings benefits on all levels – for the company, our employees and our users. We’re glad to be able to offer the support our team needs to find their own work-personal balance, so that at the end of any day they reach their maximum potential on both levels.”, concluded Rareș Huțanu, Director of Engineering and Bitpanda Talent Hub Bucharest Site Lead.

Since its founding in 2014, Bitpanda has grown into a leading European investment platform that gives everyone the freedom and flexibility to invest in what they believe in — commission-free fractional stocks, cryptocurrencies or precious metals — from as little as 1€.  The fintech’s growing technology ecosystem currently comprises offices and physical tech hubs in ten cities across Europe, including Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Madrid, Milan and Dublin, among other cities.



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