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August 17, 2022

DefMin Dincu: We will have production of subassemblies, drones, mini-subs in Romania

The Minister of National Defence Vasile Dincu declared on Tuesday that our country will manufacture drones and mini-subs in the next two or three years.

Asked, in Parliament, if it is possible in our country to open new units of arms manufacturing, Dincu said: “Certainly. We will have at least subassemblies, we will manufacture drones in Romania, we will have a production of mini-subs, we will have productions tied to arms and in the armored area as well. (…) In the coming years, two or three years, we will already have productions and we could even have them sooner. There are elements that have already begun, elements of joint-ventures made with important countries, such as Germany, Italy, the United States, Israel. (…) We already have maintenance units, such as the one in Bacau, maintenance for F16 aircraft, the national maintenance center, we hope that we will be able to accredit as many national centers for maintenance of armored vehicles as we can”.

He added that Parliament will most likely approve next year to increase GDP spending for defence and that there is already an acquisition list in the plan within the strategic document of Romania’s Army 2040.

“This means that we have a reporting and procurement threshold in 2026, one in 2032 and one in 2040. Obviously if we will have extra money we will first increase the percentage from this budget for procurement. It is the main aspect and certainly here we will bring projects that should have begun, for example, in 2027 or 2030, we will bring them closer, if we will manage. It is important to know what sums we will have, as well as the potency that it has and will have in the future, especially our defence industry, because at this point the most important thing would be to not buy everything from abroad, but rather to produce as much as we can in Romania,” Dincu mentioned.


Italy to send two dredgers and a command ship to detect possible mines drifting in the Black Sea


Minister of National Defense Vasile Dincu declared on Tuesday that Italy will send two dredgers and a command ship to detect possible mines drifting in the Black Sea and stressed that Romania is ready to deal with such a situation, with ships and helicopters patrolling the area.

“At the moment there is coordination, both on our part and an international coordination, because this is an incident that hasn’t taken place only in our territorial waters. We currently have 3 ships, a minelayer and dredgers patrolling in the Black Sea. Arrangements have also been made for air patrols in the Black Sea, there are helicopters that, according to a plan, are flying over the Black Sea area and trying to find out if there are mines. We do not have any signal at the moment, today, even if there are sources announcing that it could be mines at large that will later reach our territory and much later the territory of Bulgaria or the Bosphorus. I also spoke yesterday with the Italian Minister of Defense, who has already discussed sending us two dredgers to the Black Sea and a command ship, probably. So, we are ready,” Dincu stated in Parliament.

He said that the dredgers are patrolling and picking up, if necessary, the mines that drift off the sea.

“We have something like that, but it is a fairly large area that we need to monitor, so we need as many as possible. Turkey will probably do the same, I think the Bulgarians, too,” Dincu added.

The minister said he does not believe that “at the moment, there is a great danger”, noting that “no new mines have been reported yet”.

“I know that representatives of the Army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, IGSU [Romania’s General Emergency Management Inspectorate], have also contacted economic operators in ports, for example for training in this regard, offshore platforms have also been trained in how to defend themselves in the event of a mine showing up and I think that at present there is no danger that cannot be managed. These situations are manageable,” Dincu went on to say.


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