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August 14, 2022

DefMin Dincu: We’re trying to reinvigorate military industry, we have contacts with largest armies, companies

The Ministry of National Defence, Vasile Dincu, stated on Thursday, in Cluj, that the military industry of Romania will be reinvigorated and that there are already very many contacts in this sense with the largest armies and companies in the domain in the world.

“In Romania, at this moment, we have a defence industry with two speeds (…), one that means industrial production units at the highest level, done with prestigious companies from the United States, Israel, Germany or from Italy, and the other is the former state industry, which has good parts, and parts that need to be developed in the future. We are trying together with the Economy Ministry, which has under its command the largest part of the military industry, to reinvigorate our military industry, firstly through partnerships with large companies and large NATO armies. In the recent period we have had very many contacts with the largest armies and the largest companies in the world to produce in Romania,” said Vasile Dincu.

He added that the idea is to not only produce for internal use, but also to sell, especially that there currently is a favorable context in this sense.

“We will have in the future pleasant surprises for this, there are many countries that, with the extension of the defence market, now there is need not to sell to Romania (…), but rather to produce in Romania, so that together we sell in the entire region and the entire world. In the future you will see that our defence industry will hopefully overcome the state it is in right now and we will reach a new stage of modernization. It is a context that’s in our favour,” said Minister Vasile Dincu, according to Agerpres.


Army to have volunteers in reserve, people who will volunteer for military service


The Minister of National Defence, Vasile Dincu, stated on Thursday, in Cluj, that his Ministry is going to publish a draft law that provides two types of volunteering for the military, those who will be volunteers in reserve and those who will volunteer for military service.

“I am happy to launch in this period and in the future some offers to bring volunteers in the Romanian Army, according to two, both reserve volunteers and people who will voluntary to do military service. These two options will be introduced in a law that will be published very soon. We will try to innovate, to bring young people in the army and I think that the military career becomes attractive,” Vasile Dincu explained.

The Minister of National Defence participated, on Thursday, at the headquarters of the 4th ‘Gemina’ Infantry Division 4 Command in Cluj-Napoca, at the handover-receipt ceremony of the division command and at the transfer ceremony of Major General Dorin Blaiu, who ensured the command.

Vasile Dincu also participated, on Thursday, at the “Avram Iancu” International Airport, at the International Conference “Aviation-Event 2022 CLJ”, one of the most important events of European aviation, held for the first time in Romania and in Eastern Europe.


Photo: Laurentiu Turoi, www.mapn.ro

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