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June 28, 2022

Tehnomir Energy becomes ENSYS and targets business over EUR 20 Million in the photovoltaic systems filed

  • The company wishes to become one of the largest companies in this field in Romania
  • The investment in Ensys (Tehnomir) marks ROCA Investments’ entrance on the green energy market
  • The renewable energy industry is continually growing, also supported through European financial programmes, such as the RRP

Tehnomir Energy, an important supplier of complete turnkey photovoltaic systems, with offices in Oradea, is changing its name to ENSYS, and the new transformation is accompanied by plans to reach projects worth more than EUR 20 million and to become one of the largest Romanian companies in its field. ENSYS has already attracted the support of ROCA Investments, which took over a minority stake last year, thus entering the green energy market, where they will be carrying out other transactions, as well.

“While continuing the business lines which have secured Tehnomir’s position, with the launch of its new identity, Ensys will be taking an important step towards becoming a national player. We are planning an accelerated development for Ensys, including in the industrial area of photovoltaic parks, and, at the same time, we wish to expand towards international markets. For instance, in 2020, Romania was exporting renewable energy worth nearly EUR 200 million, according to the latest available data, and on the local level the installed power was 11.1 GW, of which 1.4 were solely photovoltaic. In the difficult current regional context, we are glad to have a partner who believes in the opportunities in this region, and who, instead of risks, sees growth opportunities”, said Octavian Crișan, ENSYS CEO.

Ensys is the only player on the photovoltaic market to have developed a software platform whereby its customers can order bespoke solar panels, tailored to their individual needs. The platform integrates the two governmental programmes, Casa Verde (Green House) and Electric Up, and provides support for the entire application process, from the upload of necessary documents, to the planning and mounting of the panels, by specialised teams. Besides the renewable energy solutions for individuals, the company is also integrating prosumer-type industrial solutions, of up to 400 kW, and also turnkey photovoltaic parks to the order of tens of MW.

“We see a lot of growth potential in Ensys, and the investment in this business has been a strategic one for ROCA Investments, started from the desire to set the ground for a development pillar in the green energy area. Regardless of the period we are experiencing, any time is a good time to invest in renewable energy companies, a field of strategic interest to Romania, which covers a major need, not only on a local level, but also on a global one. To us, this is the first investment in a series to follow along this strategic pillar”, said Alexandru Savin, Investment Manager at ROCA Investments.

The strategic importance of this market where ROCA Investments has chosen to invest is given, on the one hand, by the global efforts of finding alternatives to conventional energy, where important financial resources are allotted, including through European programmes, and on the other, by the tendency of an even greater focus on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of companies.

ROCA Investments holds a minority stake inENSYS (formerly Tehnomir Energy), an investment made in 2021, whereby it has entered the renewable energy sector, which has become a strategic one on a European level.


The Perspectives of the Renewable Energy Market


During the transition towards an environmentally sustainable economy, which should fight the effect of climate changes, the field of photovoltaic systems is expected to increase the installed power in Romania by over 3,5 times during this decade, namely to 5.1 GW in 2030, from 1.4 GW in 2020[1].

The photovoltaic panel industry is one of the main drivers of green, renewable energy, where the European Union has allotted EUR 100 billion. The “European Green Deal” proposes that, until 2050, Member states should no longer emit greenhouse gases, and that the economic growth be separated from resource usage. The European renewable energy market is in a stage of accelerated increase, triggered by EU-level political decisions.

At the same time, the US have recently assumed the conversion to renewable energy of up to 50% until 2030.               In Romania, massive investments in the Casa Verde (Green House) and Electric Up programmes have led to a rapid increase in the demand of photovoltaic systems and of electric charging stations, but there is also demand that is independent from these two programmes. Renewable energy holds an important weight in the energy mix, so that it stood at 54% of the total electrical capacity, and respectively, 43% of the power generated in 2020.

According to a study carried out by the International Energy Agency, the consumption of solar panel-generated energy will increase by 43% until 2030.



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