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August 17, 2022

US Ambassador to the UN discusses with PM Ciuca the security situation caused by the Russian military aggression in Ukraine

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca on Monday welcomed Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, the discussion of the two officials focusing on bilateral relations and the 25 years of Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States, as well as on the security situation caused by the Russian military aggression in Ukraine and the situation of refugee management.

According to a press release of the Executive sent to AGERPRES, the Prime Minister started by presenting the security situation and the prospects of a long war in Ukraine, which determines a constant pressure and a necessary continuous and consistent effort for the management of refugees, for which Romania is prepared in cooperation with specialized humanitarian institutions, including the UN Refugee Agency.

Nicolae Ciuca welcomed the exemplary cooperation of the Romanian civil society and of the citizens in the efforts of the authorities to manage the waves of refugees. The two high officials also expressed their shock and deep revolt against the atrocities and war crimes committed in Bucha, revealed after the withdrawal of Russian troops, crimes unanimously condemned worldwide.

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield welcomed the exemplary mobilization of the Romanian authorities and the way in which, “with kindness, hospitality, openness and full care,” Romania succeeded to manage the wave of Ukrainian refugees.

She especially emphasized the support given by Romania to the Republic of Moldova for the management of this flow of refugees, for the reduction of the costs that substantially put pressure on the budget of this state.

At the same time, the US diplomat also evoked the substantial role of her predecessor US Ambassador to the UN, who later became Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, for bringing the two states closer together, for creating the vision of Western openness – NATO and the EU – towards Central and Eastern Europe, and for the Strategic Partnership between the United States and Romania, informs the Government.


“Russians committed war crimes in Ukraine and must be held accountable”


The Russians and Vladimir Putin have committed ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine and they must be held accountable, the US Ambassador to UN, Linda Thomas-Greenefield, told a press conference held in Bucharest on Monday.

Speaking for the US, she said Vladimir Putin and the other Russians involved in his campaign committed war crimes in Ukraine, and that they all must be held responsible.

She added that Russia’s propaganda denies everything that happens in Ukraine by saying that all the images and stories about the situation in Ukraine are fake. This is what the Russian propaganda says, she insisted, while showing, at the same time, that the journalists know the truth, the people in Ukraine who live and suffer know the truth, the same as the Ukrainians who are taking refuge in Romania and other countries, which means that Russia can go on with its lies and propaganda while everybody else sees the truth, the facts speaking for themselves.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield underscored that Russia is now being isolated in the UN Security Council and that, even with their right of veto, the Russians cannot cancel the unity that the Security Council created for itself, and the entire UN General Assembly, in fact. They can continue with the propaganda but nobody will listen to them and believe what they say, said the US diplomat, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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