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August 18, 2022

ForMin Aurescu attends international conference on the creation of the Moldova Support Platform: Support of 660 million euros for the Republic of Moldova, relocation commitments for 12,000 Ukrainian refugees

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, states that at the conference in Berlin dedicated to supporting the Republic of Moldova financial commitments of almost 660 million euros and relocation for 12,000 Ukrainian refugees were declared.

“Final results of the International Conference we co-chaired today: 659.5 million euros in loans, budget support and other financial assistance; relocation commitments for 12,000 Ukrainian refugees from the Republic of Moldova and 71.3 million euros available for humanitarian aid,” Aurescu wrote on Twitter.


Romania prepares an additional package of non-reimbursable financial assistance to Moldova worth 10 million euros


Romania is preparing an additional package of non-reimbursable financial assistance to Moldova worth 10 million euros, Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said on Tuesday.

Bogdan Aurescu co-chaired in Germany, alongside Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s Foreign Affairs Minister – as Germany is currently holding the G7 Presidency, and Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s Foreign Affairs Minister – as France is currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the International Support Conference for the Republic of Moldova (Moldova Support Platform).

The joint initiative of Romania, Germany and France aims to generate immediate political, financial and material assistance, as well as expertise for democratic reform from institutions and member states of the European Union, G7 countries, financial institutions and other international organisations, as well as development partners.

In the opening speech to the conference, Aurescu announced that the Romanian government is preparing an additional package of non-reimbursable financial assistance to Moldova worth 10 million euros. According to the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE), the decision is taken at a time when support for Moldova is particularly necessary, while reconfirming Romania’s constant and firm involvement in ensuring the stability and development of Romania’s neighbouring country.

The head of the Romanian diplomacy mentioned financial grants amounting to 100 million euros to be implemented under development projects based on an agreement signed by Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca and his Moldovan counterpart Natalia Gavrilita at a February joint meeting of the two countries’ national governments.

Aurescu also mentioned Romania extending amid the ongoing crisis total assistance of 3.8 million euros consisting of 5,000 tonnes of fuel oil to support the energy security of Moldova and of important quantities of fuel.

He mentioned the humanitarian shipments that were carried out consisting of bare necessities and the organisation of green corridors for the direct takeover in Romania, by road and rail, of Ukrainian refugees from Moldova.

Aurescu announced that Romania will host in Bucharest a second ministerial conference of the Moldova Support Platform.

The minister called for the mobilisation of “robust” financial assistance from the international community to enable Moldova to manage the energy crisis, stabilise public finance and support the incumbent government’s reform goals, such as strengthening the rule of law, modernising public institutions, and raising the standards of living.

The head of the Romanian diplomacy said it is imperative to support Moldova building energy security, especially by expanding the electricity interconnection network between Moldova and the EU via Romania, expanding the natural gas interconnection network inside Moldova and diversifying natural gas supply.


R. of Moldova, the most vulnerable neighbor of Ukraine


The Republic of Moldova is Ukraine’s “most vulnerable” neighbour, receiving the largest number of refugees per capita, Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu told the International Support Conference for the Republic of Moldova (Moldova Support Platform), in Berlin, on Tuesday.

“The war in Ukraine, started illegally by Russia, has created many problems in the neighbourhood, not only related to the security challenges facing the region, for European and Euro-Atlantic security, but also for the countries neighbouring Ukraine, and the Republic of Moldova had to face a large number of refugees,” said the head of the Romanian diplomacy.

At the same time, he explained, the conflict created an “economic burden” and put the economy and finances of the Republic of Moldova in difficulty. Aurescu also mentioned issues related to the energy security of this country.

According to him, the platform, which will be launched on Tuesday, aims to “provide and stimulate aid, very robust assistance, coordinated for the Republic of Moldova,” namely financial assistance, taking over refugees and looking for solutions to vulnerabilities such as energy security.

He spoke about the corridors through which refugees from Ukraine can pass from the Republic of Moldova directly to Romania and brought to mind that Romania provided fuel worth 3.4 million euros for this purpose.

Bogdan Aurescu specified that, following the conference, an additional aid will be announced, in addition to the 100 million euros part of the assistance package announced by the Romanian Government in February.

“Romania also supports the European perspective of the Republic of Moldova and, according to our Strategic Partnership for the European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, we believe that the place of this country is in the European family,” the Romanian Foreign Minister added.


Responsibility for the war crimes committed in Ukraine belongs to Russia


Russia is responsible for the “war crimes” committed in Ukraine, and the International Criminal Court must send representatives to the field to gather evidence, Foreign Affairs Minister Bogdan Aurescu also told a press conference he held jointly with his German, French and Moldovan counterparts in Berlin on Tuesday.

“I would like to emphasize that it is clear that the responsibility for the war crimes committed in a part of Ukraine which, at the time of the crimes was committed, was occupied by the Russian army, belongs to Russia, and the perpetrators must be held accountable, International Criminal Court must send collaborators to collected evidence on the spot,” Aurescu said, according to the official translation.

He added that “Romania continues to be with its partners, France, the Federal Republic of Germany and other European countries, in moving to increase pressure on Russia to end this illegal war.”

“It is extremely important, especially considering what we saw the other day in Bucha and other parts of Ukraine. It is important to stop the aggressions immediately,” the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister pointed out, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.mae.ro

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