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August 17, 2022

OTP Bank Romania supports the Mind Architect podcast for the third year in a row

OTP Bank Romania supports, for the third year in a row, the Mind Architect podcast, based on neuroscience and psychology applied in everyday life.

The collaboration, that began in 2020, is growing toward the creation of personal and professional development content based on neuroscience, aiming at one of the main objectives of OTP Bank Romania’s ESG strategy, that is to invest in partnerships that generate valuable educational content.

Thus, OTP Bank supports the strengthening of the Mind Architect learning ecosystem, which has become an important information resource for people that want to evolve through
self-knowledge. The Mind Architect podcast, co-founded by Paul Olteanu, was launched in November 2019 and has been through a continuous development over the little more than two years since its establishment. One of the catalysts of this growth consists in the fact that Mind Architect’s resources are constantly evolving and integrates the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology, but in a friendly language that is easily accessible to everyone. The podcast’s mission is to make self-knowledge and personal development attainable for anyone.

During the first two years of collaboration, OTP Bank has provided Mind Architect’s audience with information on topics such as the role of neuroscience in organizational transformation, financial instruments for efficient savings, or the role of effective leadership in the organization.

“The Mind Architect project is truly special because it fits us like a glove. OTP Bank Romania applies neuroscience processes daily and thoroughly, to facilitate organizational transformation and help our employees on their human and professional journey. I discovered this field 10 years ago and it changed my life, so it seemed natural for us to join the first neuroscience podcast in Romania. Understanding and integrating neuroscience into everyday life is a truly transformative process that can greatly improve or even fundamentally change your life. We are glad that we have contributed to the spectacular growth and, by extension, to the popularization of this podcast. We will continue to support Paul Olteanu and his colleagues this year, because I am convinced that the information and tools they provide, in a language that is easy to understand for anyone, have changed and will further change many lives for the better,” said Diana Misa, HR Executive Director, OTP Bank Romania.

Mind Architect can be followed on anchor.fm, the specialized platform for creating, hosting, and distributing podcasts, where it reached 4.3 million downloads, while the Mind Architect YouTube channel reached 6.4 million views and 147,000 subscribers.

“In the past two years, OTP Bank Romania has become a member of the team and part of the Mind Architect family. Beyond the financial support, which allows us to continue to distribute the podcast free of charge and thus advance our organization’s mission, I am most pleased with the quality and authenticity of the partnership with OTP Bank Romania. Our relationship began before Mind Architect existed, through the chemistry created during the training and coaching programs we have delivered for the bank, and when we started the podcast and Diana offered to support us, we couldn’t have wished for a partner more aligned with our vision.

The partnership between Mind Architect and OTP Bank Romania is proof that where there are two partners, there is more power, and beyond tops and ratings, I hope we will have the opportunity to do good things together for many years to come”, added Paul Olteanu, co-founder of Mind Architect.



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