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August 8, 2022

Ukraine President Zelinsky delivers speech in Romanian Parliament, denounces the horrors of war: Together we must stop people who want genocide in Europe

In a speech to the Romanian Parliament delivered by videoconference on Monday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky underscored that “people who want genocide in Europe” must be stopped.

“Dear Romanians, together we must stop these inadequate people who have become accustomed to not being punished, to being allowed anything. Together we must stop people who want genocide in Europe,” Zelensky said.

He argued that Ukraine was not the last “target” of Russian aggression.

“Russian occupiers want to move through the city of Nikolaev to occupy Odessa, and from Odessa it is just a step to Moldova. State propagandists in Russia have long said that Moldova is a target for Russian expansion. That is why it is fundamental to defend the independence and statehood of Moldova, and that means security in the entire Danube region. The fate of the whole of Central Europe and the Black Sea is being decided on the territory of Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

The President of Ukraine also spoke about the 1989 Revolution that took place in Romania.

“In 1989, Nicolae Ceausescu ended his life, after many years in which it was very clear that this person was inadequate, that his wife and the Securitate were pulling the country down to poverty, isolation not only from the whole world, but isolation from everything that progress means. That regime was based only on fear, repression, power, and had nothing holy. The Romanian people rose up and defended themselves, overthrowing an inadequate regime. Ceausescu, his wife and his entourage could not be convinced of anything. At present, in Russia, those who propagate the war, those who give criminal orders, those who devise plans against the whole people and against the destruction of the Ukrainian state cannot be convinced of anything. These inadequate people have lost all connection with reality and are willing to sacrifice millions of lives to implement their crazy ideas. The second reason why Russia calls for genocide and does not hide it, and commits horrors that everyone has seen in Bucha is that they are convinced that European leaders will not be able to stop them because they are weak and Europeans will not be able to defend their values,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

Images from Bucha were presented at the beginning of the speech given by the President of Ukraine.

“The name of our city Bucha will remain for us in the history of the world, in the history of killing people. We know of over 300 tortured people, inhabitants of Bucha. Simple people, inhabitants of a simple city. Their hands were tied at the back and were shot in the back of their head or eye,” the Ukrainian president added.

According to him, an article posted on the website of the Russian state agency Ria Novosti, entitled “What should Russia do with Ukraine?”, justifies the genocide against Ukrainians.

“It is not just a text. This is one of the proofs for the future court against Russian war criminals. (…) They want to de-Ukrainize (…) Ukraine. The article reads that even the name of our state must be erased. The death of as many Ukrainians in the war as possible is desirable for them, and all this is written by the state agency of the Russian Federation, where nothing can be published without censorship. What is published is only what means an official position in the war with Ukraine. Anything that does not respect this position does not pass censorship. I want you to understand me correctly. They do not even hide, they talk very openly about the war against Ukraine and the purpose of this war. If our army and our people had not defended themselves, what they did in Bucha would have done all over Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian president added that there were reports that teachers had been killed in Bucha.


I am convinced that Romania would participate in rebuilding Ukraine after war


The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said on Monday that he was convinced that Romania would participate in rebuilding his country after the war and mentioned that he wanted a dialogue to support the Romanian and Ukrainian communities of the two countries.

“I am convinced that Romania will support everything necessary for justice to prevail. (…) I am convinced that Romania and Romanian companies will participate in the programs for rebuilding Ukraine after the war. We’ll propose our partners to take over rebuilding some regions that were destroyed by Russia. Our potential, our internal power is great, but we need help to rebuild life in Ukraine,” Zelensky said in a video conference in the Romanian Parliament.

He thanked the Romanian people for their support of the refugees.

“I thank the entire Romanian people for their help to the refugees from Ukraine. I hope that we will have the conditions for Russia to give up the war and for the people to return home to Ukraine. This experience of support and mutual respect and kindness among our peoples is a basis for an even greater closeness between our peoples and states. As far as the situation allows, I want to start a dialogue with Romania for the full protection of the Romanian communities in Ukraine and the Ukrainian communities in Romania, to ensure all the support we can provide. Our future is together in a European family,” said the president of Ukraine.


New sanctions against Russia are needed: stop transit of goods, close ports for Russian ships


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Monday that new sanctions were needed against Russia, saying it was necessary to close ports for Russian ships and stop the transit of goods to and from Russia.

“The fate of the whole of Central Europe and the Black Sea region is currently being decided on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, defending Ukraine’s freedom means protecting Europe’s security. Sanctions have been imposed on Russia, but the war has been going on for 40 days. (… ) Russia must seek peace with Ukraine and with everyone, and therefore it must be deprived of all resources, primarily financial and economic ones. You must close the ports for Russian ships, stop the transit of goods to and from Russia. Do not import energy resources from Russia. There is no alternative, we can talk about several programs: oil in exchange for food, but other sanctions need to be imposed,” Zelensky said in a video conference address to the Romanian Parliament.

He said that now the fate of the war is being decided and that Ukraine must be supported with arms.

“Each politician in the democratic world must support Ukraine in any form with arms, because now it is decided who will win in this war: freedom or tyranny. Everyone must do everything possible for these Russian troops to answer before the law for crimes committed in the occupied territories of Ukraine”, added the President of Ukraine.


Senate Chair Citu: Russia must be completely isolated economically


Russia must be completely isolated economically, Senate Chair Florin Citu told a joint plenary sitting of the Romanian Parliament on Monday.

“Mr President Zelensky, it is an honor to hear from you today in the Romanian Parliament. I want to thank you for accepting my invitation to deliver this speech. (…) Mr Zelensky, you are a hero, not only in Ukraine, but also in Romania, and, I believe in all countries that respect democratic principles and values. The courage and perseverance you have shown in this difficult period for Ukraine inspire us all, motivate us to be more united, because only together can we succeed in doing everything we set out to do and only together can we win,” said Citu.

According to him, “the entire Europe needs to do more” because children, old people, women and innocent civilians are being killed every hour in Ukraine.

“President Zelensky, I was and will remain one of the most vehement opponents of Putin’s policy. The war he has been waging has no justification, and we have a duty to stop it by all means. Some may think it is too harsh a measure, but I do not think the answer is harsh enough for the atrocities inflicted on Ukraine. And it is important for you, Mr President, to find out directly from you about the critical situation in Ukraine,” added Citu.

He emphasised that the Bucha massacre could not go unpunished.

“It is unacceptable what is happening in Ukraine now. Vladimir Putin is a criminal who defies any law, any international treaty, who has led Russia to an illegal war. The Bucha massacre must not go unpunished. Romania has already notified the International Criminal Court about crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on the soil of Ukraine. Mr President, in today’s gesture to walk among the Ukrainians in Bucha, you have once again shown that you are a true leader to your people, and you deserve all the respect and admiration of leaders everywhere. That is why we have a duty not to remain passive,” said Citu.


Chamber Speaker Ciolacu: We are facing the most serious security crisis after WWII


The Speaker of Deputies Chamber, Marcel Ciolacu, on Monday stated that February 24 was the day that marked the beginning of the most serious security crisis since the end of the World War II triggered by the “unjustified, illegal and unprovoked invasion” of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

“Starting with February 24 we are facing the most severe security crisis since the end of the World War II, triggered the unjustified, illegal and unprovoked invasion of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. By using this tribune, we are joining once again all those who are voicing their firm support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognizes borders. We resolutely reject Russia’s irresponsible conduct and call for an immediate and unconditional cessation of military action against Ukraine, as well as for the withdrawal of Russian armed forces from the entire territory of that country. The last few days have shown us horrible images, unbelievable for the Europe of the 21st century,” Ciolacu told the joint plenum of the Parliament, during which the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, delivered a speech by video conference.

He added that the images in Bucea that have traveled around the world have overwhelmed and revolted.

“We cannot accept that the perpetrators of these massacres remain unpunished, they must be brought to justice, they must be held accountable as soon as possible. In this sense, we fully support the detailed investigation by the International Criminal Court, Romania joining this approach as early as March 2”, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies transmitted.

Ciolacu assured the President of Ukraine that, as has happened so far, the citizens fleeing the war will find “the protection they need” in Romania.

“War is a tragedy from which no one wins, everyone loses. War only brings death, suffering and destroyed destinies. That is why my thoughts go to the ethnic Romanians from Chernivtsi, Odessa, from all over Ukraine. The Romanians in Ukraine fight these days for the freedom of the country in which they live and I believe, Mr. President, that this is the most sincere expression of the deep connection between our nations. Your courage and that of the people of Ukraine, regardless of ethnicity, the dignity and the determination with which you fight for freedom and the right to decide your own destiny, are an example to the whole world. The victory of Ukraine is a necessary victory both for the European future of your country and for the European course of the Republic of Moldova. The success of Ukraine means the victory of freedom, democracy and European values in this region of Europe”, added Marcel Ciolacu.


PM Ciuca gives assurances that families of the Ukrainians who arrived in Romania are safe


Too many people lost their lives in the war in Ukraine, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Monday during a parliamentary session in which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a speech by video conference.

“Symbol of resistance in the face of barbaric and unjust aggression, you are, today, President Zelensky, the leader of a nation fighting for identity and freedom in this illegal and unprovoked war. Too many have lost their lives. Others have been forced to become refugees as a result of the brutal bombing and atrocities of Russian troops, indiscriminately on civilians, schools, hospitals, theaters. The atrocities in Bucha, which we learnt just yesterday, when Ukrainian troops entered the occupied areas around Kiev, shook us all. All these inhuman actions on the civilian population must be sanctioned by the international criminal courts, and we will do everything in our power to support those responsible in bringing justice,” Ciuca said.

The Prime Minister expressed his admiration for the “tenacity, determination and courage of the Ukrainian people” in defending their country, democratic values and way of life. He mentioned that the Romanians are in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and have opened their “gates and souls” for the Ukrainian neighbors who have come to our country.

“Our solidarity with the more than 650,000 neighbors and friends who came to Romania was manifested not only at the level of state institutions, but also at the level of non-governmental organizations, but most importantly, at the level of Romanians, of ordinary citizens who felt the drama of Ukrainian neighbors and they wholeheartedly wished to help them. I thank everyone for this effort, proof of humanity, solidarity and openness. It is important to understand that in societies with assumed European and democratic values you will always find reliable friends,” said Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

He stressed that Romania will do everything in its power to ensure that Ukrainian citizens who have arrived here can have a normal and decent life. Ciuca mentioned that these people benefit from health services under the same conditions as Romanian citizens and can find a job. Legislative changes have been made in this regard and more than 1,100 Ukrainians are already working in Romanian companies.

“The more than 30,000 children from Ukraine can go to school in more than 50 Ukrainian-language schools and high schools, as well as using the other facilities provided by the Romanian Ministry of Education. We will continue to help both the Ukrainians who remained to defend their country and the refugees with humanitarian help, fuel and necessary resources. We have set up the European humanitarian hub in Suceava, through which we transfer aid from all over the world, and we are ready to carry out this lasting effort, with the support of the EU, the United Nations and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as well as other partner states,” Nicolae Ciuca said.

The Prime Minister offered assurances that the families of the Ukrainians who arrived in Romania are safe. He thanked President Zelensky for referring in his speech to Romanian citizens living in Ukraine.

“I am convinced that, just as we take care of your citizens, you will take care of the Romanian citizens as well. Thank you. Long live Romania! Glory to Ukraine!”, Ciuca concluded his speech.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: Facebook/Florin Citu

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