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August 13, 2022

Incident at the Russian Embassy in Bucharest: Car hits the fence of the diplomatic mission, the driver dies following the impact of the car catching fire

A man died on Wednesday morning after his car hit the fence of the Russian Embassy on Kiseleff Road, following the impact of the car catching fire.

”This morning, around 06:00, an event was reported, in which a car was involved, which left the road and hit the fence of a diplomatic representation. The driver is deceased and it took the intervention of the firefighters to extinguish the fire that caught the car”, informs the Bucharest Police.

The investigations were taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal and the Homicide Service of the Capital Police in order to establish the causes and conditions under which this event occurred.

According to judicial sources, the man’s name is Bogdan Draghici and he is the president of the TATA Association, an organization that supports the rights of fathers in divorce proceedings.

“I am Ukrainian too! It would be wonderful for all of us to consider ourselves Ukrainians until the horrible war that puts all mankind in mortal danger is over! (…) It is so sad that the democratic world does not react promptly and firmly to restore peace, to quickly punish the innocent bloodthirsty dictator, to show that there is human solidarity, to show that the last world war can no longer take place and that this planet cannot be destroyed by humans, because the horrors of history cannot be repeated. (…) I watched with admiration the huge demonstrations condemning the Putinist invasion that took place in Prague and other cities of the civilized world. And yet the punitive measures taken against Putin’s Russia are not yet sufficient and effective in the short term. Innocent people are dying every moment in Ukraine. (…) If even now we do not all declare ourselves Ukrainians and do not act in solidarity to have a future human civilization, then we will not have another chance, because we will live an apocalyptic end. And we will be guilty, because we did not do everything to prove that we deserve to populate this much-tried planet,” wrote Bogdan Draghici in his last post on Facebook..

Bogdan Draghici was legally embattled, having been sentenced the day before to 15 years and 4 months in prison for sexual assault.


Romanian Gendarmerie:  Driver set himself on fire as law enforcement attempted to remove him  from the car


The Romanian Gendarmerie announced that the man who died on Wednesday morning after crashing his car into the fence of the Russian Embassy set himself on fire the moment law enforcement tried to remove him from the vehicle.

“At around 6.00 a.m. a car deliberately and illegally entered the security area surrounding the embassy. On its way, the vehicle hit the pedestrian protection fence and continued to roll to the access gates, without getting beyond them. The gendarmes in the diplomatic mission’s defense and security force intervened promptly and tried to remove the driver from the car, at which point he set himself on fire. First responders of the Bucharest-Ilfov Emergency Inspectorate were immediately called to the scene and they put out the fire,” the Romanian Gendarmerie said in a Facebook post.

According to the cited source, measures have been taken to secure the perimeter and allow forensic activities to unfold.

“Thanks to the measures set in place at the site and to the prompt action taken by the gendarmes on duty, neither the security of the embassy, nor the integrity of the diplomatic staff have been endangered,” the Gendarmerie said.

The Romanian Gendarmerie also notes that starting with February 24, additional security measures were ordered for the protection of the diplomatic premises belonging to the Russian Federation, consisting mainly of strengthening the security and protection force by additional personnel and means and by mounting a pedestrian protection fence around the embassy; the Gendarmerie has been in permanent communication with the security officers of the diplomatic mission and no incidents have been registered that could affect the security of the diplomatic staff and the embassy.


Prosecutor says flammable storage cans found inside the car


The prosecutor tasked with investigating the case of the man who died on Wednesday morning after ramming his car into the fence of the Russian Embassy declared that flammable storage cans were found inside the vehicle.

“The first data shows that the incident consisted of crashing the car into the gates, followed by setting his own vehicle ablaze. (…) The car hit the gate, and immediately after that the driver turned on a device and that’s how the fire inside the car was triggered, which burnt him to death. (…) Flammable storage cans were found inside the car. We are currently piecing together the information that will help us figure out his route and actions before the event,” said the prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal.

Asked by journalists if this can be considered a terrorist act, the investigator replied: “There are no concrete elements to support this at this moment, we cannot say at this moment that this gesture is related to anything other than personal circumstances”.


Russia’s Ambassador Kuzmin: A terrorist attack


Russia’s Ambassador to Romania, Valery Kuzmin, said Wednesday morning’s incident when a man-driven car hit the front gate of Russia’s diplomatic mission yard after it was set on fire by the driver could be called “a real terrorist attack”.

“This morning, in fact, a terrorist attack actually took place, although there are many circumstances that make this incident more difficult to understand,” Valery Kuzmin told Rossiya-24 television, quoted by iz.ru.

Russia’s ambassador to Bucharest also stressed that the staff of the diplomatic mission has repeatedly received direct threats.

“The atmosphere that is gradually developing here is very tense. The embassy repeatedly received direct threats via e-mail – referring to “explosion”, “revenge”, said the Russian Ambassador to Romania.


Russian Embassy:  Driver crashing into the fence, under influence of anti-Russian hysteria


The driver who crashed into the fence of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest was under the “influence of an outburst of anti-Russian hysteria”, the diplomatic mission claims, in a message posted on the official Facebook page.

“The embassy expresses its deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of the man who set himself on fire in his car after the failed attempt smash the gates of the Russian Embassy in Romania. We must state with regret that whatever the motive of the driver, there is no doubt that he committed this act under the influence of an outburst of anti-Russian hysteria,” said the embassy representatives.

According to the representatives of the diplomatic mission, none of the employees of the Embassy and the Romanian law enforcement forces were injured as a result of the incident.

The prosecutor with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bucharest Tribunal, dealing with the case of the man who died on Wednesday morning after crashing into the fence of the Russian Embassy, declared that containers with flammable substances were found inside the car.

Asked if the gesture could be considered terrorist, the investigator replied: “There are no concrete elements in this sense at the moment, we cannot say at the moment that this gesture is related to anything other than personal circumstances.”


MAE on Russia’s position after Wednesday’s incident:  Rash, completely inappropriate and inopportune


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) rejects the position of the Russian Federation’s Embassy in Bucharest following the regrettable incident that took place on Wednesday morning.

“MAE considers as rash, completely inappropriate and inopportune the qualification in any way of this incident. MAE also rejects any attribution of political context or significance of this tragic event and appeals to the Embassy of the Russian Federation to manifest maximum restraint in offering any sort of interpretation before the responsible authorities conclude their investigation. Until the investigation is complete and the results of it communicated by the competent Romanian authorities, any sort of prior statements represent only unfounded speculations,” reads a press release sent by MAE to AGERPRES.

According to the quoted source, MAE highlights that the integrity of the staff of the Russian Federation Embassy in Romania was not affected, nor its building.

“MAE draws attention that Romanian institutions have prepared, since February 24, 2022, that the security staff allocated to the Russian Federation be supplemented. Also, on March 5, a new measure for consolidating the Russian Federation’s Embassy protection was prepared, by allocating a new patrol, support and intervention team. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlights that these measures to supplement the protection staff were also disposed to operatively meet the expectations of the Embassy of the Russian Federation,” the quoted press release specifies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates, on this occasion, too, the firm condemnation of the crimes committed in Bucha and other cities in Ukraine, for which the responsibility belongs to Russia, being committed in areas in Ukraine that were under the occupation of the Russian armed forces at the time of their being committed.

“Romania considers that it is very important for all those that committed these actions to be investigated, brought to justice and to answer for their actions,” MAE highlights.


Compiled from Agerpres

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