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August 15, 2022

Ciolacu: PSD will give the prime minister in 2023, if Nicolae Ciuca will take over PNL leadership

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Wednesday evening that PSD will give the prime minister in 2023, if Nicolae Ciuca (photo) will take over the National Liberal Party (PNL) leadership.

“At this moment, with certainty, if Mr. Nicolae Ciuca becomes the leader of the National Liberal Party, with a hundred percent certainty, the position of prime minister, in May 2023, will fall with the Social Democratic Party. (…) And this is only natural (…) and at this point there is the decision for me to be the rotating prime minister,” Marcel Ciolacu told private broadcaster Romania TV.


PM Ciuca running for PNL chairmanship: My goal is to strengthen the party and prepare for the next elections


Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca announced on Wednesday having submitted his candidacy for National Liberal Party (PNL) national leadership.

“I have decided to submit my candidacy for the position of PNL national chairman,” Ciuca said at PNL headquarters.

The title of the motion with which Prime Minister Ciuca will run for the PNL leadership is “United for a stable and strong Romania”.

“I decided to take on this responsibility after a discussion with my colleagues and following my analysis of the entire political situation,” said Ciuca, before adding: “The PNL is at ruling and has a duty to ensure stability in the country”.

And an essential condition for stability is that “within the party there should be a state of harmony and a concentration of all on the objectives that we assume”, he continued.

According to the Prime Minister, the PNL is now “the largest right-wing party” and can become “the first party in Romania”.

“My goal is to strengthen the party and prepare for the next elections,” and if “we govern well then the results will be obvious,” the Prime Minister said.

Ciuca, who declares himself a “follower of the facts”, considers that “Romanians will appreciate those who manage to pass the country through periods and lead it in the right direction”.


Ciuca received seniority derogation from the PNL statute to run for party chairman


The National Liberal Party (PNL)’s Executive Bureau established on Tuesday a derogation from the statute regarding seniority so that the Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca can run for the position of party’s chairman, announced the PNL spokesman Ionut Stroe.

“Today, several decisions have been taken about the organization of the extraordinary congress. The first of them is related to the convening of the county steering boards (…). The second decision is related to certain attributions and responsibilities delegated to the Secretary General, Lucian Bode, for a transitional period until the end of his term of office, and the third decision is related to a derogation from the statute regarding the conditions of seniority in the party for running for the party’s chairmanship for Mr. Nicolae Ciuca. There is high expectation in the party about this candidacy, From our point of view, there are all the conditions for this candidacy, for granting this derogation because the prime minister is a strong leader. We consider he can ensure a much stronger connection between the Government and the party,” Stroe said at PNL headquarters.

The liberal added that the PNL has always been flexible when it comes to such a derogation.

He said that on Wednesday, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca would submit his candidacy.

The statute of the National Liberal Party stipulates that, “in exceptional cases, the Executive Bureau may approve derogations from the seniority provided for in the Regulation on political career”. It is also stipulated that any member of the party can run for the PNL chair if he/she has a seniority of at least five years.

Nicolae Ciuca joined the PNL in October 2020.

Last Saturday, Florin Citu announced his resignation from the position of PNL chairman.

First Deputy Chairman Gheorghe Flutur became interim head.

The extraordinary congress of the PNL for the election of a new chair of the party will take place on Sunday, from 11.00, at the Parliament Palace.

The deadline for submitting the motions was  set for Wednesday, at 18.00, and the debates within the county steering committees will have to take place by Friday, at 22.00. A draft motion will be accepted if it has the support of at least ten decisions of county steering committees.


Photo: Facebook/Partidul National Liberal


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