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August 8, 2022

Minister of Development Cseke: 27.7pct of Romania’s population is not connected to the water network, 44 pct is not connected to the sewerage network

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Cseke Attila, on Friday stated, in Targoviste, that 27.7pct of the population is not connected to the water network and 44pct is not connected to the sewerage network, with the “Anghel Saligny” National Investment Programme being designed to solve many of the investment projects that provide these utilities.

According to him, while referring to the Dambovita County, 28.6pct of the population needs to be connected to the water network, which is slightly above the national average.

“Of course, there are counties with higher percentages, respectively lower percentages, in what concerns the percentage of the population connected to the water network, while things are clearer when it comes to sewerage, given that the percentage here is as high as 44pct at the national level. Taking Dambovita as an example again, this indicator is 71.32pct here. And these indicators will be taken into account when prioritizing between counties so that we can provide more financing where there is a greater need for that type of investment,” said the Minister, according to Agerpres.

Cseke Attila added that the “Anghel Saligny” Programme took over 105 projects that had already been assessed and did not receive funding through the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme. Among the projects taken over for financing through this programme there are two concerning the gas connection in the rural towns of Contesti and Voinesti in Dambovita, worth 67 million lei.

“‘Anghel Saligny’ comes to fill the need for funding and the need for funding can only be met from the state budget, and for us, as a Government, this programme is essential. It will run until 2028 and will solve many of the investment projects that provide these basic utilities, water, sewerage, roads, bridges, gas connection,” added the Minister.

He noted that 7,000 projects had been submitted for the “Anghel Saligny” Programme nationwide.

Regarding the investments carried out by the Ministry of Development in the Dambovita County, the Minister specified that 30 investments worth 184.3 million lei are being implemented, through the CNI (National Investment Company). At the same time, investments are being contracted for 13 objectives, amounting to 102.9 million lei.

The Minister added that through PNDL – 1 and PNDL – 2 for the projects in Dambovita, funds of 1.1 billion lei were allocated, out of which the amount of 941 million lei was settled. Of the 421 projects that have received funding, 302 have been completed so far.


Cseke Attila on stadium in Targoviste: Important financing, necessary from my point of view


The Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Cseke Attila, considers that the investment in the construction of a new stadium in Targoviste is a necessary one and the objective will be modern.

The construction of a stadium with 12,000 seats in Targoviste, worth over 323 million lei, was approved by the Government in this week’s meeting.

“The Government has approved the construction of the new stadium in Targoviste, an important and necessary financing from my point of view. I will always support the need to invest in sports infrastructure (…). Obviously, this is also a sports complex with athletics tracks and the main merit for this investment is with local authorities who have prepared the necessary documentation and made the legal procedure. The Ministry of Development and the Government supported this project, which is a beautiful project and which means that in four years in Targoviste there will be a modern, European stadium, on which not only performance sports will have their place, but also mass sports and together we will enjoy successes, sports competitions,” said the minister.

Asked about the new stadium, given that there is also an old one in Targoviste, Cseke Attila stated that the new objective was supported and endorsed by the Romanian Football Federation.


Photo: Facebook/Cseke Attila

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