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July 3, 2022

Cardinal Lucian, in Easter Pastoral: Our Ukrainian brothers, sisters are not alone in their suffering

Cardinal Lucian, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Archdiocese of Alba Iulia and Fagaras, Major Archbishop of the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek Catholic, sent in the Pastoral letter addressed on the occasion of Easter holidays, the importance of solidarity with the Ukrainian citizens, hard tried during this period.

The prelate stressed that “the war in Ukraine dramatically marks the existence of the inhabitants of this country, it disturbs the stability and international relations, but it also interpellates each of us in terms of humanity.”

“The horrors and sufferings created by this conflict shake us and address our consciousness! The words of the Holy Father Pope Francis turn out to be prophetic and very topical: ‘Every war leaves the world worse than it found it. War is a failure of the politics and humanity, a shameful surrender, a defeat to the forces of evil. (…) Let’s look at so many civilians massacred as ‘collateral damage’. Let’s ask the victims. […] Let us consider the truth of these victims of violence, let us look at reality with their own eyes, and let us listen to their stories with an open heart. Thus, we will be able to recognize the abyss of evil in the heart of war’ (Fratelli tutti, 261). Any armed conflict is a radical degradation of humanity, an eruption of hatred and selfishness, which contradicts the love of God and disfigures the dignity of individuals in the name of petty ideologies and interests. Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are not alone in their suffering! Our Lord Jesus Christ is with them, He assumes their pains, identifies with them, and strengthens them in these moments of hardship and unjust trial. Next to them is the Romanian Church United with Rome, which knows all too well what suffering violently imposed in the spirit of ideologies contrary to human dignity means,” cardinal Lucian said.

He thanked all the priests, monks, nuns and believers who recognized the risen Jesus in the image of the refugees who entered Romania during this period, welcoming them into their homes and generously helping them.

“May the good God reward them for the good they have done, and those who live the drama of war let Him offer comfort and protection, to instill hope and strength in them! Many of them are in our midst and together with them today we celebrate the risen Jesus. They are part of our family and we receive them as our brothers. Together with them we break the bread of sorrows, with them burn our hearts, like the hearts of the disciples of Emmaus. Let us accompany them with our prayers, having the conviction that the Lord had not forsaken them, and the Most Holy Virgin Mary does not forget Her sons! Let us ask Jesus to enlighten those who cause all these sufferings in order to find the way of peace and repentance!” the cardinal said, according to Agerpres.

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