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May 28, 2022

Romanian officials pay tribute to Land Forces as valuable resource of Romanian army

DefMin Dincu: The Romanian Land Forces’ military personnel, from foot soldiers to generals, have proven every day through their results that they are the most valuable resource of this service branch

Defense Minister Vasile Dincu congratulated on Monday Romania’s Land Forces on their dedicated anniversary day, wishing the active, reserve or retired military and civilian personnel of this force the best of health and success in fulfilling all missions, as well as “Many happy returns” to all those who bear the name of the Holy Great Martyr George.

“According to the rules of the Romanian Orthodox Church, we celebrate today, on Easter Monday, the Holy Great Martyr George, the Victory Bearer. In the calendar of our military traditions, this great Christian saint is the spiritual patron of the Romanian Land Forces, in recognition of the dedication, courage, and commitment of the servicemen who have served in the past, or are now serving in the units of this important army force. On this day, my thoughts go in the first place to all those on records or anonymous who have given their lives for the country over time,” reads the Defense Minister’s Facebook message.

With a rich history awash with bright moments but also with hard trials overcome with sacrifices and sufferings, but also with pride and glory, in the great battles fought ever since the creation of the Romanian Army, the Romanian Land Forces are once again faced with a challenging period that sees the security of the region severely tested by the conflict in neighboring Ukraine, Vasile Dincu states.

“Having honed their skills in the many international missions carried out over the last three decades under the auspices of NATO, the UN or the EU on several continents – in Europe, in the Western Balkans, or in Asia, where they fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Africa – in multiple peacekeeping missions, as well as in other large-scale missions or multinational exercises conducted abroad or at home together with the most advanced armies of the world, the Romanian Land Forces’ military personnel, from foot soldiers to generals, have proven every day through their results that they are the most valuable resource of this service branch and that they deserve the reputation of perfect professionals they have built themselves,” the Defense Minister writes.

According to him, the allocation, starting next year, of 2.5 percent of GDP for defense will allow the major modernization and equipping programs that are key for the adjustment of the Land Forces and all Romanian Army forces to the current security realities to pick up speed.

“At the same time, in order to achieve the strategic goal of providing Romania with the high-performance army so much needed at this time, in addition to ensuring state-of-the-art hardware which is already part of the equipment of the Romanian military structures, it is essential to focus on improving the living conditions of our active-duty, reserve or retired military personnel, of our Ministry’s civilian staff, as well as their families. Top-level professional performance must be motivated through working conditions in line with those of the other NATO armies, through a decent wage system and fair pensions for all reservists, regardless of the date of transfer to the reserve. I have made this a major priority of my term as Minister and with each day we are getting closer to achieving this goal,” said Defense Minister Dincu.


PM Ciuca: Land Forces personnel have always answered ‘Present’ to all mission calls


Romania’s Land Forces have always been a reference both for the other service branches and for the entire nation, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca remarks in a congratulations message sent on Monday on the occasion of Land Forces Day.

“Romania’s Land Forces are celebrated every year along with their patron saint, the Holy Great Martyr George, the Victory Bearer. The land force troops, who make up the bulk of the Romanian Army, have always been on duty, have always answered ‘Present’ to calls to whatever mission they had to carry out, be it on the national territory or in foreign theaters of operations. They have been constantly putting in efforts to rise above requirements and expectations and demonstrate professionalism and dedication. The Land Forces have always been a reference for the other categories of forces, and for the nation as well. At this celebratory time, we honor the sacrifice of the servicemen who laid their life in the battles against those who attacked Romania’s independence, and we pay tribute to all the heroes fallen on duty in the European, African or Asian theaters of operation. We also express our gratitude to all the participants in domestic or foreign exercises and missions and who contributed to the improvement of the excellent image Romania enjoys among allies and partners,” Nicolae Ciuca states in the message.

The Prime Minister also stresses that “in the context of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the role and place of national security have returned to public attention.”

“Robust defense can only be achieved with highly trained military personnel, as well as with high-performance equipment. For the servicepeople, the 2.5 percent increase in the budget of the National Defense Ministry represents more training, better equipment and superior logistics, and for the Romanians it means improved security. At this anniversary moment, I congratulate you, dear Land Forces personnel, for the way in which you fulfilled all the missions entrusted to you, I wish you best of health and personal and professional accomplishments. Anywhere, anytime, on duty,” reads the Prime Minister’s message.


President Iohannis: The Land Forces personnel demonstrate very good training, and the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt within NATO structures


In a message sent on Monday on the occasion of Land Forces Day, President Klaus Iohannis states that this is “one of the most important Romanian Army service branches, which carries out complex missions that are key to ensuring our country’s defense and security.”

“The Land Forces personnel demonstrate very good training, and the ability to quickly and efficiently adapt within NATO structures. Due to their high level of professionalism, our troops make a substantial contribution to Romania’s positive international image in the allied environment,” the President wrote in his message, adding that with “the current complicated security context arising from the Russian Federation’s armed aggression against Ukraine, additional special measures with a strictly defensive character are required.”

“At the special NATO Summit on March 24, through Romania’s active involvement and support, firm decisions were taken for the long-term strengthening of NATO’s deterrence and defense posture along its eastern flank. One of the most important decisions for Romania is the establishment of a NATO battle group in our country, along with another three such structures on the eastern flank of the Alliance, an approach reflecting allied cohesion, solidarity and determination. As far as we are concerned, Romania is and will continue to be an important provider of security and stability in South-Eastern Europe, as well as at Euro-Atlantic level. Strengthening its defense capacity is a strategic priority for Romania, as proves the decision to increase defense spending from 2 percent to 2.5 percent of GDP starting next year,” Iohannis said.

He also points out that, “under these circumstances, the Land Forces have an important role to play in increasing our army’s operational capacity, as the intensive and efficient training of the military units in complex conditions, including in allied environments, require a constant and sustained effort.”

The President stresses that armed forces equipping “will enter a fast-paced modernization process, to allow the successful fulfillment of the most complex missions.”

“The Land Forces will continue to play a significant role in strengthening Romania’s strategic profile, including by their participation in foreign missions. Dear servicepeople, through the professionalism, discipline, determination and spirit of sacrifice you show every day you prove that you are ready at all times to defend your homeland and the values we share with our allies and our European Union and NATO partners. Whether you exercise in in-country training grounds or take part in international missions, in various theaters of operations, you increase Romania and our army’s prestige every day. I wish all the Land Forces military and civilian personnel on duty under the folds of our tricolor flag lots of success in accomplishing their missions. Many happy returns!,” the head of the state concludes his message.


Photo: Facebook/Foretele Aeriene Romane

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