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War Veterans Day: Occasion for Romanian officials to honour, praise and express their gratitude to the war veterans for their service in the service of the homeland

DefMin Dincu: April 29 is a day of gratitude, of sacrifice, it gives us all the opportunity to celebrate war veterans

April 29 is a day of gratitude, sacrifice and gives us all the opportunity to celebrate war veterans, “the brave soldiers who fought for the defence of the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and interests of Romania in the campaigns carried out by the Romanian Army in World War Two,” the Minister of National Defence, Vasile Dincu, underlined on Friday, in the message occasioned by the War Veterans Day.

“Romanians with a love of country and a spirit of sacrifice, our soldiers responded to the call of duty and put the country before their own lives. (…) April 29 is a day of gratitude for us. I think it should be one of the most important holidays of our nation, because it is a day of sacrifice, and no free country can be built without the sacrifice of the forefathers, without whole generations having sacrificed their blood or any other type of sacrifice. I hope that in the future, especially seeing the hard times that whole peoples are going through today, we will have to think that this day of gratitude will become one of our national holidays,” said Dincu who was present at the military ceremony organized at the Monument of the Homeland Heroes, located in front of the National Defence University.

Dincu expressed his gratitude to the war veterans for their service in the service of the homeland, adding that their experiences are very valuable lessons for today’s military, and the wealth of values that includes dignity, courage and altruism are the legacies for the future.

On this occasion, wreaths were laid by state institutions, a council of priests officiated the religious service, and the military guard presented the honor to the participants in the event.

In this context, there was an event of static and dynamic presentation of a truck produced by Automobile Dacia SA, in a configuration adapted to people with mobility disabilities, the vehicle being tested by Vasile Zbanca, a serviceman wounded in the theatre of operations in Afghanistan.


President Iohannis: Sacrifices and devotion of combat veterans are the noblest manifestation of the love of the country


The sacrifices and devotion of combat veterans are the noblest manifestation of the love of the country, of the honour and dignity of our nation, President Klaus Iohannis said in a message on April 29, Combat Veterans Day.

The President added that “their strength of character inspires us and give us the strength to face any future challenges.”

“On Combat Veterans Day, which we are celebrating today, our thoughts are directed, with appreciation and gratitude, to all those who have defended Romania’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Iohannis added that during the great world wars, “the courage and determination with which our veterans fought proved the strategic relevance of our country in international dynamics and made possible political achievements, paving the way for the development of today’s Romania, a member state of NATO and the European Union.”

He also mentioned the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine. “Right now, as we are witnessing an unjust and illegal war on our borders, we understand even better the essential role of combat veterans in defending the country and ensuring Romania’s security,” Iohannis said.

He added that the presence of almost 4,000 NATO soldiers in Romania, together with the Romanian armed forces, is “the best proof of NATO solidarity and unity, as well as of belonging to the same democratic values”. “The Romanian armed forces, guided by the example of their forerunners, made and continues to make a crucial contribution to defending and consolidating these values that define us.”

Iohannis told the combat veterans that the Romanians are grateful to them and admire them.

“You are a genuine example worth following, and I am urging you to cultivate among the younger generations the principles that have always guided you in the successful accomplishment of your assignments,’ Iohannis concluded.


PM Ciuca sends message to war veterans: We honour the memory of those who put the country above their own lives


On Friday, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca sent a message to the veterans of the World War II in which he thanked them for everything they did for the homeland and for the Romanian people.

The Prime Minister added that in the “illegitimate and unprovoked” conflict in Ukraine, houses, apartment blocks, streets, parks, memories, families, lives were destroyed by the “Russian bullets and bombs,” and “this ultimate form of inhumanity cannot remain unpunished.”

“I extend my greetings and best wishes of good health and long life to those who taught us to cherish freedom, while surviving the terrible horrors of World War II, horrors that we can hardly imagine today. We honour the memory of those who put the country above their own lives, and we pay eternal homage on this day of the Enlightenment Week to those who have written with blood the recent history of Romania. Our generation has the privilege of learning from these life lessons directly from the war veterans, and we, in our turn, we will pass on to our children and grandchildren that their freedom to live, dream and love carries the price paid by our forefathers, with their freedom, love, dreams and life,” said the head of Executive.

The PM referred to the conflict in Ukraine, underscoring that no one imagined that, seven decades after the end of the World War II, “Europe’s peace will once again hang in the balance.

“The conflict in Ukraine, illegitimate and unprovoked, is awakening in us the horror and suffering of our grandparents. Who would have thought that, more than seven decades after the end of the WWII peace in Europe will hang in the balance once again. We have seen how our neighbours’ houses, apartment blocks, streets, parks, memories, families, lives look like – all destroyed by the Russian bullets and bombs. This last form of inhumanity cannot go unpunished. It is our moral duty towards not only the Ukrainian people, but also towards the future generations,” added Ciuca.

According to the Prime Minister, the unconditional solidarity of the European and NATO partners, as well as the openness with which the Romanians welcomed in their homes those who left the path of war, showed once again that “peace and humanity will always prevail in the face of darkness.”

“Dear comrades, hand over these history sheets to your children and to your children’s children. Their future depends on our choices today. Distinguished war veterans, invalids and war widows, thank you for all you have done for the Romanian people and for our motherland! On your day, personally and on behalf of the Romanian Government, I greet you comrades and wish you to stay in good health and have a long life! Many returns of the day! I have the honour to salute you!” Ciuca said, according to Agerpres.


Photo: Laurentiu Turoi, www.mapn.ro

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