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How do you shrink bulky PDF files to save space?

PDF files have tons of advantages which is why today they have become one of the most commonly used document formats. But you must know that this format also has some drawbacks that make it annoying for users. One of the biggest cons of the PDF file can be its size.

Large PDF files can be very annoying for a user as they cannot be opened, shared, or uploaded; plus, you should also know that they can consume a lot of storage. If you end up creating or receiving a bulky PDF file, we suggest you read this post. In this post, we will tell you how you can shrink bulky PDF files to save space on your storage and avoid any other problems caused by the large size. So without any further ado, let us through the best ways to help you shrink bulky files.

How to Reduce PDF Size?

Here we have discussed some of the most common and helpful ways using which you can reduce PDF size.

  1. Shrink the PDF file by using the “save as” option 

You can find the ‘save as’ option on MS Word, Adobe, and other document management tools. If your PDF file is large, you should simply use the save the file again. This option would help you trim off some extra bits from the original PDF file. PDF files, when saved, have incremental updates, which can drastically increase the size of the file. If you use the save as feature, you can simply rewrite the complete file and eliminate all the extra data. This option is quite simple and basic. It is best if you want to compress the size of the PDF file manually.

  1. Reduce PDF size by removing unnecessary content

Sometimes, the PDF file size would increase because you have added unwanted objects like links, form fields, annotations, bookmarks, etc. Now you must know that all of these elements can increase the size of your PDF. Now PDF files cannot be edited as they have a portable nature. Still, if you want to remove the extra objects and elements, you have to edit them. You can edit PDF files by creating a copy with MS Word or using online PDF editor tools.

To edit the PDF file with Word, you need to use the open options and permit word to create a copy of the large PDF file. You can remove all the unwanted content and save the file back in PDF. You can use the save as feature while saving the file again in PDF, as this would further help you make some space. If you cannot create a copy of the PDF file with word, the alternate way is to use a PDF editor like Adobe.

  1. Minimize the file size by optimizing the images 

Usually, the PDF file size increases because of the visual content you have added to it. If the images that you have added in the PDF are in large size and in heavy formats like PNG, it will make the PDF file bulky. You can easily use the PDF editor to remove all of the heavy visual content and replace it with a well-optimized one. You can change the images to WebP or JPEG format to reduce their dimensions. You can easily shrink the image size and dimensions with the help of professional tools like Photoshop or Figma. After replacing the visual content, you can again save the PDF file using the save as option. You will see that the size of the PDF file would drastically decrease.

Compress PDF File Digitally Without any Manual Efforts

If you don’t want to put in manual effort and waste your time optimizing the size of the PDF file with the traditional methods, we would suggest you take the digital route.

Today you can easily use the online PDF compressor that can help you reduce PDF size electronically. You need a web connection and a browser to use PDF compressors. Open the best PDF compressor on your browser, one is https://www.duplichecker.com/compress-pdf.php and go through its interface. You would see upload options using which you can upload your PDF file. You can upload large PDF files stored in your local gallery and cloud storage like Google drive.

Once you have entered the PDF file in the tool, click on the ‘compress PDF’ button. In a matter of seconds, the compressor would reduce PDF size without tampering with its quality or format.

Using an online PDF compressor is undoubtedly the easiest, free, and most reliable way to reduce PDF size.


Photo: www.pixabay.com


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