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August 10, 2022

PM Ciuca: Main cause of rise in inflation, war in Ukraine, it is Government’s duty to come up with measures

The main cause of the rise in inflation in the last period is the war in Ukraine, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca declared on Thursday, adding that it is the Government’s duty to adapt to this situation and to come up with solid measures.

“The reasons for the rise in inflation, from the discussions I had, are the increase in energy prices, gas prices, price increase for food, interrupting supply chains and of course, above all else, the main cause is the war in Ukraine,” Ciuca told a press conference in Alba Iulia, when asked if the invasion of the Russian forces in Ukraine represents the only reason for the rising inflation, adding that it is being felt at an European level.

“The inflation rate was announced yesterday, we can all see the price evolution, we can all see that this crisis, this inflation, are not local, but general, at an European level. We can see European countries, consolidated and developed, from an economical standpoint, which have to solve the same situation as all of us. I wish to highlight once again that this price hike, this inflation, this crisis and interruption of supply chains are being generated by the crisis, by the conflict in Ukraine, by the illegal invasion in Ukraine and is our duty to look for solutions, to adapt to this situation with solid measures,” Nicolae Ciuca said, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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