Pavel, Margarit and Associates successfully assisted a major company in the energy industry in an insolvency case

Pavel, Margarit and Associates assisted a major company in the energy industry, part of a well-known group with a high reputation on the international market, in an insolvency case following an abusive request of a business partner for opening the insolvency procedure.

This request was, in fact, a way of forcing the company to pay a debt. In such cases, Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends to discuss with a lawyer specialized in insolvency, reorganization and bankruptcy law in order to legally reject the bad faith claim in Romania.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates services included legal assistance and representation in front of the Court, drafting defences against the request of the creditor, drafting written arguments and other procedural documents for supporting client position, reviewing and submitting evidence for counter-arguing the insolvency arguments of the other party, reviewing and invoking case law for supporting client position.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates successfully won the case in front of the first court. We exposed to the court that the company is not insolvent.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates succeeded to prevent the opening of insolvency proceedings used by the creditor as a constraint to pay a claimed debt in Romania. The Law Firm represented creditors and debtors, clients from Romania and from abroad, having lawyers specialized in the field of insolvency proceedings in Romania and offering legal assistance and representation in successful projects in Romania.

“We are happy to be ranked on the 3rd place in Romania in the Insolvency and Restructuring area of practice by the International Legal Guide Legal 500 from London, UK. This is the recognition of our team of lawyer’s expertise in the insolvency, reorganization and bankruptcy in Romania.” said Radu Pavel, The Managing Partner of Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm.

In order to carry out the insolvency procedure, and especially to reject an application for opening the insolvency proceedings filled in bad faith, Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommend addressing this legal issue to a lawyer specialized in insolvency proceedings in Romania in order to assist the creditors or debtors in front of the Romanian Insolvency Court.

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