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June 27, 2022

Carlos María Vallarino, chargé d’affaires a.i, Embassy of Argentina to Romania: Celebrating “Malbec World Day” in the Argentine Residence

Together with the awarding of the distinction of “Country Brand Ambassador” to the artists Analía Selis and Mariano Castro

Every year our Embassy organizes in the Argentine Residence a tasting of Argentine wines marketed in Romania by several importing companies. The event is named Malbec Word Day (MWD) and it counts on the participation of people linked to the Horeca sector, business people and journalists. During its development, different types of Malbec are tasted, with the corresponding explanation of its technical characteristics by the sommelier of each winery present. It is an opportunity to promote Malbec and its unique characteristics and we do it simultaneously all over the world, in more than 100 Embassies and Consulates of Argentina. This Argentine wine promotion strategy proved to be successful. This celebration is the most important in this country for a specific type of national and foreign wine. It brings together people linked to the sector and is highly valued by importers as an action in support of their activities. It is a wonderful wine tasting opportunity for all those who really love good wine.

Malbec World Day (MWD) is a global initiative created by Wines of Argentina (Wofa) that seeks to position Argentine Malbec in the world and celebrate the success of the national wine industry. Going back in time, the celebration of World Malbec Day began on April 17, 2011 on the initiative of WofA, positioning itself as a historic date in the promotion of Argentine wine in the world and today is part of the calendar of international events. Every April, Wines of Argentina renews its commitment to place Malbec at the center of a global toast, organizing a series of actions in the main export markets, in addition to events coordinated by Argentine representations abroad and numerous independent initiatives. The great repercussions achieved by the MWD campaign over time led to this experience also being replicated within Argentina by the hand of Provincial Governments and local entities.

Since 1993, Wines of Argentina has been promoting the brand and country image of Argentine wines worldwide. In addition, it plays its role in guiding Argentina’s export strategy, studying and analyzing changes in our consumer markets: United States and Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, Asia and Latin America. The organization aims to collaborate in the consolidation of Argentina among the main exporting countries of wine and contribute to the global success of the national wine industry through the construction of the brand “Argentine Wine”, raising the positive perception in the trade of opinion leaders and consumers.

As the eighth largest country on the planet, Argentina concentrates a natural, climatic, geographical and cultural diversity that has allowed it to position itself as the fifth largest wine producer in the world.

The Argentine Malbec is a very versatile and expressive red, with friendly textures. There are all styles: raw wines, aged wines, floral and herbal wines, fine wines and lush wines. It is grown from north to south in all regions of the territory, each with its unique geological and climatic characteristics that define the identity of Malbec in a framework of natural purity. It is not possible to understand the wide range of the Argentine Malbec without exploring the Andes and the effects of altitude. Not many countries have this height condition; they are rather the exception in the world.

I would say that wines and gastronomy in general are excellent ambassadors of a country and it seems that Argentina knows how to value this potential to make known its culture and traditions.

In the context of Malbec World Day, and for the first time in history, we will take the opportunity to award the distinction of “Country Brand Ambassador” -given by the Argentinean Country Brand Inter-ministerial Committee- to the most famous Argentine artists living in Romania, the singer Analía Selis and the pianist Mariano Castro.

The Argentina Country Brand is a State policy that seeks to position our country in the international context through its differential factors, its traditions, its culture, and its products, among others. It is a very useful tool for building our identity.

The country brand positions us in the world by highlighting aspects that allow us to increase our competitiveness on the international stage, making known products and associated values. In this way, it is intended to attract foreign direct investment and generate a greater flow of the tourism sector and exports. For this reason, the country brand uses the differential attributes of Argentina to position and develop key areas of the economy at a national and international level: tourism, culture, exports and investments.

In addition, the country brand contributes to the strengthening of the sense of belonging and the pride of being Argentine. In this sense, it is a tool for national growth and development, whose implementation strategy must endure over time.

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