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June 27, 2022

President Iohannis, Prime Ministers Costa and Ciuca pay visit to 1st Training Battalion in Caracal

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis together with Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca and Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa arrived in Caracal, Olt County, on Thursday, to visit the 1st Training Battalion “Olt.”

Approximately 200 servicemen from Portugal have been deployed to Romania this year and are jointly training with troops of the 22nd Infantry Battalion Romanati, as part of the South-East Multinational Brigade.

The Portuguese military arrived to Romania in April this year and will be staying in Romania for six months.

The action is part of NATO’s tailored forward presence initiative.

About 100 servicemen from Portugal were present in Romania last year and participated in joint training actions with Romanian troops, also in Caracal, for three months, in the period September – December.

Portuguese Republic Prime Minister Antonio Costa on Thursday came to Romania on a working visit.

On this occasion, the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Portuguese Republic on cooperation in the defence area was signed in Bucharest.

According to the Romanian National Defence Ministry (MApN), “the new agreement will contribute to both the enlargement and strengthening the bilateral relation in the defence area and the collaboration strengthening in NATO and EU context, thus creating the premises for consolidating the Romanian-Portuguese relations, based on convergent objectives, both on a European level and on an allied level.”


President Iohannis: Current reality determines us to further consolidate NATO defence in the Black Sea region


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday said that the current reality, determined by Russia’s war against Ukraine, makes the allied states go further in the common efforts to consolidate NATO defence in the Black Sea region.

“The Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine has us facing a new strategic reality. We have reacted and we will continue to react of a unitary, brave and determined manner within NATO, by strengthening the deterrence and defence posture on the Eastern Flank, especially in the Black Sea region. Our common decisions and actions within the North Atlantic Alliance, your presence here, included, prove the determination and operativity defining NATO and ourselves, as allies. In 2014, after the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian Federation, we have stated together the wide process of adapting the Alliance to a volatile and unpredictable security environment,” the head of state said.

He added that in that context the bases were set for a robust presence of NATO on the Eastern Flank, in the land, air and maritime areas – the Forward Presence – and a series of structures were established and put into operation on Romania’s soil, including the South-East Multinational Brigade of Craiova, which was joined by the Portuguese military.

“The current reality, much more brutal than that of 2014, determines us to go further in our common efforts of consolidating NATO’s defence in the Black Sea region,” Iohannis highlighted.

The President voiced conviction that at the NATO Summit in Madrid in June there would be decided new common effort directions and new substantial commitment would be assumed for the consistent resetting of the allied deterrence and defence posture on the Eastern Flank on a medium and long term, to the benefit of global security.

The head of state thanked Prime Minister Costa for the presence of Portuguese military in Romania.

“Romanians appreciate the solidarity you are proving through your commitment of joining our servicemen and the other allies within the South-East Multinational Brigade. We are thus consolidating the security of the Black Sea region and the Euro-Atlantic space. Romania and Portugal are successfully getting coordinated to consolidate defence on the Southern Flank as well. (…) Dear allied military, thanks to you, the Alliance is efficient in improving our common security. Together with the other allies present in Romania, including NATO Response Force troops, you offer the example of a prompt and solid reaction of the Alliance to the changes in the security environment,” President Klaus Iohannis said.


Portuguese PM Costa: Russia should have no doubt about allies’ determination to defend NATO territory


Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said on Thursday that the Russian-led war in Ukraine had brought about major changes in Europe’s security and underscored that the Allies are determined to defend every inch of NATO territory.

He went on to say that the brutal attack on a peaceful country has destroyed peace in Europe and caused the greatest humanitarian crisis on the European continent since World War II. The world is witnessing this human suffering and the loss of human lives, said Costa, while appreciating Romania as a neighbour of Ukraine, for its position and for its efforts in the first line of response to this humanitarian crisis. The outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine after Russia’s invasion on February 24th has brought about major changes in Europe’s security, he commented. On that day, in order to strengthen NATO’s defence posture, Portugal approved the deployment of Portuguese troops in Romania so as to strengthen NATO activities on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance. The Allies thus sent a clear message to Russia, he brought to mind, that an attack against one ally will be considered as an attack against us all, all the allies. Thus, said the Portuguese head of Executive, NATO was very clear in saying that Russia will have a huge price to pay if it goes against any of the Alliance’s members. The Russian leadership should have no doubt, in this context, believes Costa, when it comes to our unity and our determination to defend every inch of NATO territory, according to the common commitment of all allies stipulated in Article V of the Washington Treaty.

The Portuguese high official also thanked Romania for receiving the Portuguese troops deployed in Caracal.

He also wanted to salute the professionalism of the Romanian armed forces that have made the integration of the Portuguese contingent very easy, and said he was positive that, by working together, the forces of the two countries will improve their interoperability and increase their operational capacity to meet the challenges they face today.

The Portuguese Prime Minister has assured that his country will remain a reliable contributor to the security and common values of the North Atlantic community.


PM Ciuca: Presence of the Portuguese troops in Romania, in Caracal, represents a proof of high solidarity and friendship


The presence of the Portuguese troops in Romania, in Caracal, represents a proof of high solidarity and friendship, as well as “the living proof that NATO is by the side of all member states,” regardless of their geographic location in the transatlantic area, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said.

“In this very complicated and very challenging context to us all, generated by the illegal, unprovoked and massive aggression of Russia against Ukraine, Romania has condemned the invasion and the violation of international law. At the same time, we have had the opportunity to see in real time the functioning of our alliance in a complex crisis, as well as the solidarity expressions that the allies and our partners in the European Union have proven. Portugal has accepted to offer us a generous contribution and we are very grateful for this. The participation of your country, Mr. Prime Minister, in the enhanced vigilance activities in Romania is of a major importance to us, a proof of high solidarity and friendship. The presence of Portuguese soldiers here, in Caracal, is also the living proof that NATO is by the side of all member states, regardless of their geographic location in the transatlantic area,” Nicolae Ciuca said.

The Prime Minister voiced satisfaction for the rich bilateral defence agenda and for the sturdy cooperation inside NATO.

“I would like to thank Portugal for the consistent contribution to the multinational structures in Romania, same as I deeply appreciate Portugal’s participation in the enhanced vigilance measures in Romania. This could serve as example for similar contributions from other allies,” Ciuca underscored.

He also appreciated Portugal’s essential contribution to the programme on the multirole aircraft destined to the Romanian Armed forces, as well as the successful acquisition of other 5 F16 aircraft.

“We are looking forward to collaborating for the subsequent modernisation of all components within this defence programme,” Ciuca said.

While concluding his speech, the Romanian Prime Minister thanked the Portuguese Prime Minister and servicemen for their presence in Caracal.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.presidency.ro


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