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June 27, 2022

Titi Aur, rally pilot, Armand Domuța – Restart Energy One CEO, Diana Oncioiu, reporter and independent journalist, Paula Rusu, journalist and blogger, are coming to Fuckup Nights Bucharest 13th edition

Titi Aur: “I have always been successful in having reliable people around me. My victories are largely due to them”

Titi Aur – rally pilot, Armand Domuța – CEO Restart Energy One, Diana Oncioiu – reporter, Paula Rusu – journalist and blogger are talking about career challenges and how they have overcome them, at the 13th edition of Fuckup Nights Bucharest.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 19th, at CoOperativa Bar (86 Icoanei). Purchase your tickets here or here.

The global movement Fuckup Nights shines new perspectives on professional failures and encourages creativity through the speakers’ stories of unsuccess. FUN inspires us to believe in our own strength in finding solutions when we are in a professional impasse and to give up the social stigma that surrounds the idea of failure.

Diana Oncioiu, reporter for the independent media platform Dela0.ro, talks about the difficulties she came across on her way towards independent press, which she chose to the detriment of mainstream press: “Every night we’d get together, in a room the hosts would use to do their laundry, and argue. It’s frustrating, horribly frustrating, to know the subject exists and you can’t seem to approach it from any angle. Whether you know something exists is completely irrelevant in journalism if you don’t have the facts to prove it. It’s frustrating to know you can’t expose abuse that people, institutions have managed to keep under the rug for so long. You feel useless, incapable and it’s hard to accept that these people are winning yet again. At one point, one of my colleagues actually considered that perhaps we’re wishing too hard for that subject to exist, and then you risk crediting rumors. And that would have been truly disastrous, not a failure.”

Titi Aur, rally pilot and founder of the “Titi Aur” Academy, believes that “in motorsport, the pilot is always in the forefront. He gets up on the podium, he waves the cups and medals in the air, he gets the applause and praise. But all of it happens thanks to the people who stick besides him and fight alongside him as well. In life, as in business, it’s exactly the same.” Titi Aur emphasizes on the importance of support from people besides you “They say you can’t have constant success, all along the line… You can. I have. I have always been successful in having reliable people around me. My victories are largely due to them.”

 Paula Rusu, journalist and blogger for paularusu.ro, states “initially I believed ‘that’s it, I’ll lose my job, they’re going to fire me’ that’s how badly reality looked from my point of view. Nobody fired me, on the contrary, from the cloud of black smoke, there was nothing left. The time I had gained, through the misfortune of the episode I was in, proved to be exactly what I needed. In a year and a half, I had managed to change so much, that I went from being an employee to being an entrepreneur and to live comfortably. The limits are all in our heads, after all.”

Diana Oncioiu, Titi Aur and Paula Rusu will be joined by Armand Domuța, who started his project, Restart Energy One, company that offers its clients a transparent eco energy system. We’ll learn directly from him what difficulties he encountered on his way, how he overcame them and what lessons concluded from them.

The event will be hosted by Julia Nagy, radio and television journalist.

Fuckup Nights Bucharest is part of a series of events that take place globally, in 321 cities and 91 countries all over the world. The events’ focus is on approaching professional failures constructively and it is meant for small and big antrepreneurs, corporate workers, freelancers and students alike.

Previous Fuckup Nights Bucharest editions are captured here: Vol IVol IIVol IIIVol VIVol X.

The event’s partners are: FAN Courier, Radio Guerilla, CoOperativa, Complice, Techcelerator, ROTSA – Romanian Tech Startups Association, ClujHub, Fonduri Structurale, Bizilive, More Networking, Learning Network, Psychologies, Cooperativa FruFru, IQAds, SMARK, IQool, Revista CARIERE, Commons, SocialPedia, Sandler Training and Sabina Cornovac Online.

More details about the event can be found on its dedicated page, as well as on Facebook.


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