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June 27, 2022

147 years of Liberalism in Romania. PM Ciuca: Development and solidarity with most vulnerable must be key words in PNL

Today’s National Liberal Party (PNL) continues the effort to develop and modernize Romania, and development and solidarity with the most vulnerable must be the key words, PNL Chairman, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Tuesday at the symposium “PNL between the first and second modernization of Romania: 147 years of Liberalism”, organized at the Central University Library.

He said that it was necessary to find out what needed to be “recovered, valued and strengthened from the old political and governing action of the National Liberal Party in its work of founding and modernizing Romania”.

“I consider there are topics of the National Liberal Party of great relevance for our day. For example, a constant of the historical PNL’s policy has been the tenacious continuation of the country’s development and modernization, but always with a focus on social cohesion. The PNL has promoted major reforms: the agrarian reform, the peasant enfranchisement, the electoral reform, the creation of cooperatives, people’s banks, rural houses to facilitate peasants’ access to credit, literacy. Development and solidarity with the most vulnerable today must be the key words, especially as we are facing a global crisis and the war unleashed by the invasion of Russian military forces in Ukraine,” the Liberal leader added, according to Agerpres.

According to Ciuca, “another secret to the success of the Liberal forerunners was the professionalization of politics.”

“In 1911, Vintila Bratianu founded the Liberal Circle for Studies. The public policies for consolidating the whole of Romania were conceived in this framework. Each new Liberal government added and perfected in the same direction what the other Liberal governments had already done. Hence the Liberals’ vocation as builders. The general directions were correctly and professionally established. The old Liberal Circle for Studies can therefore be a good source of inspiration in our desire to bring more academic and professional expertise in politics,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

He called for the strengthening of the specialized departments within PNL, so that they become “more effervescent”, and their activity materialize in political steps for further develop the country, ensure professional support for government policies and future programs.


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