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June 30, 2022

Complice.ro: 95% of the experiences for companies moved back to offline

Once the restrictions have been lifted, Romanian companies reacted immediately and resumed the events organized for offline teams, according to Complice.ro, a provider of experiential solutions for corporate and residential.

Therefore, in the first part of the year, 95% of the requests for reward&recognition programs were for offline experiences, an increase of over 40% compared to the similar period of 2021. Also, the number of requests for experiential events organized by companies for employees and partners has doubled compared to the same period last year.

In the first part of the year, more than half of corporate Complice.ro clients had asked for offline experiential events. Their main objective is to create a cohesion between employees or between the company and the business partners with whom they have not seen each other at all or almost at all, since the beginning of the pandemic. Unlike the pre-pandemic period, these actions involve micro-interactions, in teams of 8-12 people, in which the aim is to combine professional skills with their passions.

Experiences were favoured by companies in the last two years and became a major part of the employee engagement strategy. We are seeing an increasing share of those who want to integrate such events into the lives of employees, because they have been able to quantify their beneficial effects in connecting teams and the impact of experiences on individual productivity. The teams now need to be creatively stimulated, and the solutions we offer help boost retention of employees, said Oana Pascu, founder of Complice.ro.


Top companies’ favourite experiences for employees.


To achieve these objectives, a preference of companies to offer such recurring experiences is outlined. Strategic meetings, results reviews, or meetings with business partners have become more creative, moving from the online or office environment to unconventional spaces, such as a coffee shop or brewery.

Among the most appreciated experiences planned by Complice.ro for companies in the first part of this year are blending workshops, private tastings of sophisticated drinks, private casino evenings, customized treasure hunts, survival courses or cooking workshops. The budget allocated for such team experiences ranges from 25 to 500 euros / employee, depending on the type of experience and needed infrastructure.

The budget for individual corporate gifts – 73 euro / person

There is also an increase in individual experiences, preferred in reward & recognition initiatives. For these actions, most corporate clients preferred to offer packages of experience of their choice, with a predefined budget, the average for these acquisitions being 73 euros/ person.

Flexibox is the preferred by businesses looking to reward their employees or partners in a creative way. Packages are often customized, and the recipient can choose either an individual experience or a family one. Wellness and work-life balance components have become a priority for many companies. This direction was noticed during the pandemic, but it will certainly remain in the benefits package in the next period, Oana Pascu also specified


Top favourite summer experiences


Group experiences are in fact preferred by Complice.ro clients, especially due to two years of restrictions.

Our clients prefer to live unique experiences with their loved ones, family or friends; therefore we have included in the portfolio a series of new experiences that address small groups, including families with children. There is a tendency to spend time in nature, to seek reconnection, after a long and stressful period, so we created packages that combine relaxation with adventure, personal development with connecting, adrenaline and getting out of the comfort zone with the pleasure of doing something completely different, said Oana Pascu.

Among the newest experiential gifts added to the Complice.ro portfolio are treasure hunts in the parks of Bucharest or in the most beautiful cities in Romania (Brasov, Sinaia, Sibiu, Constanta), escape in nature with accommodation in tiny houses, car races with remote control, family cooking workshops or whiskey or gin tastings, as well as extensions of the portfolio of experiences that include adrenaline, such as indoor sky diving, overflight and acrobatics with small planes or mini-car races on the street.


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