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June 27, 2022

Former Tourism minister Udrea to JusMin: Romanians abused by judiciary you shepherd seek justice in Europe

Elena Udrea published on Wednesday, on Facebook, a message addressed to Minister Catalin Predoiu, in which she claims that Romanians “abused” by the Romanian judiciary seek “justice” in Europe, and that she has been detained for 50 days in Bulgaria because she was “illegally convicted” by the courts in our country.

“I understand, Mister Minister of Justice, that you are concerned that some Romanian citizens, abused by the judiciary you have been shepherding since 2007 (with small interruptions), are seeking justice in Europe, so in countries with much higher standards of justice than Romania. But what do you think about the abuse that is happening to me, Mister Minister? What do you think of the fact that I have been detained for 50 days in a European country, because I was illegally convicted, first by a panel of 3 judges who were not specialized and which included Florentina Dragomir, who was exercising without right the position for which she did not fulfill the oath of allegiance, then by a panel of 5 judges constituted with the serious violation of the law, and the appeal for annulment in which I requested the retrial of the case precisely as a result of this composition of the panel was rejected only in my case of all similar cases, in violation of both the Decision 685/2018 of the CCR [Constitutional Court of Romania] and the decision of the CJEU of 21.12.2021?” wrote Udrea.

The former minister added that she has not seen her daughter in two months. She also mentioned that Romanian judges give too high sentences “for a possible bribe of 25,000 euros” [referring to Sorin Oprescu – ed.n.], than for murder, kidnapping, rape and robbery.

She also said that she put “a few bricks” at the foundation of Predoiu’s career and specified that she comes alone in the country, if the same law applies to her as in the case of others in her situation.

In early April, Elena Udrea left Romania before the Supreme Court upheld the 6-year prison sentence received in the Gala Bute case. She was captured in Bulgaria before crossing the border into Greece, with extradition proceedings underway.

Sorin Oprescu, Dragos Savulescu, Alina Bica, Mario Iorgulescu, Daniel Dragomir, Marian Zlotea also went to southern European countries after being convicted by Romanian courts, Agerpres informs.

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