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August 14, 2022

Homage to Romanians Everywhere

President Iohannis on Day of Romanians Elsewhere: Only together we can build a strong and wealthy Romania

Only together, Romanians here and there, can we build the strong and wealthy Romania that we want, and the relocation of some companies to Romania, amid the current complicated context, may represent an opportunity to encourage Romanians who want to return to the country, president Klaus Iohannis said in a message addressed on Sunday, on the Day of Romanians Everywhere.

“As every last Sunday of May, we celebrate today the Day of Romanians Everywhere, a holiday dedicated primarily to those who are abroad, but who carry in their soul the love of the native country. No matter where we are today, it is a good opportunity to reflect on everything that connects us to others and each of us to Romania. We are united by a strong identity and belonging to a nation that, throughout the ages, has endured with dignity over all the steps of history. I evoke our tough character today, because times are difficult again, not only in Europe, but throughout the world. After a devastating pandemic, near Romania’s borders, a war was unleashed that seemed impossible to conceive in our time. As always, in the moments of turmoil, Romanians have tried to rise to the height of the moment, to set an example of solidarity to the whole world and to show who we really are,” the president said in his message.

Klaus Iohannis emphasizes that “Romania’s humanitarian effort and the unprecedented involvement of our citizens in the crisis of the Ukrainian refugees were appreciated by the whole world, which noted the generosity and hospitality of the Romanians”.

“The efficiency which the state institutions and non-governmental organizations responded with to this humanitarian drama was doubled by the significant support of the Romanians abroad, who mobilized in an exemplary manner with humanitarian aid and convoys for the Ukrainians. Therefore, I thank you all for your involvement,” the president said.

President Iohannis believes that the relocation of some companies to Romania, amid the current complicated context, may represent an opportunity to encourage those who want to return to the country.

“I know that, despite the tense international situation, many of you are thinking of returning to Romania, encouraged by the potential for growth that our country has. A dynamic economy continuously generates business opportunities, productive investments and better paid jobs. The relocation of some companies to Romania, amid the current complicated context, may represent an opportunity to encourage those who want to return to Romania. In this respect, the Government’s actions to support, through dedicated programmes, Romanians who want to return to the country are extremely important. Only together, Romanians here and there, can we build the strong and wealthy Romania that we want. Happy birthday, dear Romanians everywhere,” reads the message of President Klaus Iohannis.


PM Ciuca: Wherever they are, Romanians stay at core of government concerns


Romanians, wherever they are, stay at core of government concerns, Prime minister Nicolae Ciuca says in a message conveyed on Sunday on the Day of Romanians Everywhere.

“The last Sunday of May we dedicate every year to Romanians Everywhere, people who through their ancient roots, traditions and cultural identity feel connected to Romania even if they were born, live or work abroad. By what they are, by contributing to Romania’s image in the world, their lives and spiritual closeness to our common identity are touching. The Day of Romanians Everywhere has the role of acknowledging this indestructible connection, while emphasizing its potential,” the head of the government says.

The Premier adds that, through the measures adopted by the Executive, the state authorities make sure that Romanians outside the borders enjoy full rights and full mobility from or to Romania.

“There are millions of Romanians outside the country. At the heart of the Government’s concerns are the Romanians, no matter where they are. We promote, through the Department for Romanians Everywhere, the strengthening of the links with the Romanian historical communities and their support for the preservation of their national identity, through educational and cultural projects, carried out at the inter-ministerial level, through the collaboration with the civil society and the academic environment. Also, through the measures we adopt at the level of the Government, we ensure that Romanians abroad also enjoy full rights and access to digital and modern administrative services and full mobility from or to Romania, both for relocation, but also for entrepreneurship, education, tourism or culture,” Nicolae Ciuca highlights.

The Prime Minister conveys to Romanians who want to support Romania’s development with their experience and skill that they are welcome to return home, noting that measures have already been adopted to motivate them and to offer them an attractive economic and social environment.

“We also want Romanians who choose to work abroad to be respected and their rights provided for in the legislation of the countries in which they live and work and I am convinced that the memorandum recently signed in this regard at the level of the ministries in Romania and Italy will be followed by similar steps with other states in the European Union and beyond. Last but not least, given the difficult situation created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are permanently in touch and we are close to the Romanian community in this country, to provide them with everything they need to be able to cope with the tragedy of the war and the crises related to this conflict. We are with all Romanians everywhere,” says the government’s head.


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