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August 14, 2022

Implementation of National Plan to Combat Cancer will mean a paradigm shift, says PM Ciuca

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Monday that the implementation of the National Plan to Combat Cancer will mean a paradigm shift, from sometimes rigid treatment regimens to personalized medicine, giving assurances that the strategy to fight cancer will be operationalized.

“I appreciate the strength of cancer survivors in Romania, who have managed to overcome a diagnosis that everyone considers hopeless with tenacity, perseverance, courage and determination. (…) For me, as Prime Minister of the Romanian Government, hope is represented by the implementation of the National Plan to Combat Cancer, carried out under the auspices of the Presidential Administration, with experts from the Ministry of Health, representatives of the civil society and oncology patients, the latter having learnt the hard way the system’s shortcomings and understood what can be done to make things better. The implementation of the plan will mean a paradigm shift, from treatment regimens that are sometimes quite rigid to personalized medicine, which entails a more accurate diagnosis and treatment tailored to the needs of each patient,” stated Nicolae Ciuca at the event “Challenges and solutions for improving the lives of cancer survivors”, organized by the Senate.

He added that Romania will join the countries of Western Europe in adopting innovative treatments earlier, given that, so far, there have been quite long delays in introducing them into the treatment regimens used in Romanian hospitals.

“The plan also emphasizes the psychological aspect of treatment, but especially early testing and diagnosis. In addition, the plan encourages interdisciplinary consultation in establishing the diagnosis and treatment to be followed. The oncologist, surgeon, radiologist and caregiver in charge of the chemotherapy treatment, but also the psychologist will talk to one another so as to establish a path to follow for each patient,” said the prime minister, according to Agerpres.

Referring to the operationalization of the National Cancer Patient Registry, Nicolae Ciuca said that “In this way it will be possible to follow the path of each patient, from the moment of diagnosis to the moment when, we hope, recovery is reached”.

The Prime Minister also said that the aspect related to a clearer statistic of cancer survivors will be corrected, because, “at the moment, we do not have a very clear statistic of the number of cancer survivors in Romania and their situation”.

In this context, he referred to the large number of new cancer cases registered annually in Romania.

“Two figures in the statistics in the field give me shivers: almost 100,000 new cases of cancer each year and about 50,000 deaths of those diagnosed with this relentless disease. My firm commitment is that this strategy to fight cancer will be operationalized, that the Ministry of Health will perform its duty and the Ministry of Finance will find the necessary resources to finance the implementation of the new programs that can save so many lives. The budget will reflect these firm commitments that I am making in front of you today,” Ciuca also stated.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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