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August 15, 2022

Cargus launches a new delivery solution for individual customers: simple, flexible, regardless of distance

Cargus innovates the courier segment for individual customers and launches a new solution for them: the cost of delivery is set according to certain standard dimensions of the parcel and not the weight or distance it has to travel.

 Regardless if a parcel has to reach Constanta or Timisoara, whether it has 3 or 5 kilograms, the delivery cost will be the same, as long as it fits into one of the new options.  The delivery solution includes four types of packages, and the costs start from 14 lei /parcel. Simple, flexible and easy to use, the solution comes to meet the needs of individual customers or companies who do not have an active contract with Cargus, who use the standard delivery services and who usually pay cash or by card on delivery.

Among the most important players in the courier industry, Cargus continues to adapt and innovate to meet the changing needs of its customers, investing in ways to  provide them with simple, affordable and fast delivery opportunities, while keeping costs low. Also out of the desire to be closer to its customers, Cargus has developed the Ship & Go network, located in accessible locations all over the country. Due to logistics, technology and organization, Cargus has the ability to meet the needs of its customers with excellent service, small  prices and fast deliveries.

“Cargus is a partner who understands the fast pace in which the life of its customers unfolds and the efficiency they need in their daily activities. So, we are constantly investing in innovative solutions that have a real positive impact for them and we constantly provide ideas and services that help millions of customers. Whether we are developing new technologies, investing in a new warehouse, expanding our Ship & Go network, or simply satisfying our customers with simple and fast delivery of packages where they are needed.  With the diversification of delivery services for individual customers, we want to simplify both the price offer and the way of delivery,” said Olivier Van Houtte, CEO of Cargus.

The solution dedicated to individual customers can be accessed directly from Cargus Mobile App or My Cargus application, from the www.cargus.ro website. The delivery options are simple and easy to understand.

There are four standard package sizes: S (3×37×60cm), M (10×37×60cm), L (20×37×60cm) and XL (40×37×60cm).  Any product that fits into these dimensions can be delivered by Cargus quickly and at low cost, except for a few  shipping restrictions imposed by law and displayed on the Cargus website.

The base price is calculated based on these standard parcel sizes and is between 14 and 29 lei, if delivered in the Ship & Go network. In all these Click & Collect points in the country, Cargus users benefit from delivery on the next working day in most situations, from the moment the courier took possession of the package, and the recipients have up to 3 working days to pick up the packages. By choosing to deliver through the Cargus Ship & Go network, users also contribute  to reducing emissions and traffic jams, while also enjoying express delivery services.

The distance or location where the parcel is sent does not affect the price of the delivery.  It can be shipped to Constanța, to Bacau or Timisoara at the same cost/package. Additional delivery services can be added to the basic price, such as: Saturday delivery, delivery until 10.00, dispatch with declared value, ramburs through collector account, return documents, package opening on delivery, pick-up package from address, return of parcels that have not been received.

To provide a complete user experience, the Cargus Mobile app is enhanced with additional features designed to simplify the parcel delivery process. Thus, the AWB can be filled directly in the application and scanned with a QR code, a package can be delivered to another person by directly accessing the smartphone’s address book or you can follow the delivery route, you can make payments with the card through one click and product returns at the touch of a button. In short, you can send a parcel through the Cargus Mobile app or MyCargus in less than 5 minutes.

With the launch of the offer for individual customers, Cargus has also entered into a partnership with Altex, through which the first customers who send parcels in May and June, can win attractive prizes within the promotional campaign “Bucurie trimiți, Bucurie primești!”, a press release issued by the company informs.


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