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August 18, 2022

DefMin Dincu: Romania will call for Russia to be considered as an aggressor endangering Euro-Atlantic security and safety at Madrid Summit

Romania will call for Russia to be considered as an aggressor endangering Euro-Atlantic security and safety, and for the Black Sea to be considered a danger zone for which special attention is required at the NATO Summit in Madrid, Minister of National Defence Vasile Dincu declared on Thursday.

The Minister of Defence was asked by journalists what he will concretely ask at the NATO Summit on June 29, in Madrid, for strengthening security at the Black Sea, with Vasile Dincu saying it will not be just “Romania’s project” and that what will be proposed there will also be discussed at the Bucharest 9 (B9) Summit, this week.

“The most important things we are asking for there is to consider Russia as an aggressor, at this moment, something that is endangering Euro-Atlantic security and safety. This is a very important thing, considering the Black Sea as a danger zone, it requires special attention from NATO security, an advanced and permanent presence on the eastern flank of NATO bases, of the ‘battle groups’, or raising them to brigade level is one of our options being currently considered. And of course, elements of collective defence on the eastern flank. We believe there is a ‘continuum’ between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea that should be considered as of equal importance. The North is not more important than the South, nor is the South more important than the North,” Vasile Dincu declared.

The minister was also asked if Turkey will send troops to (the Joint National Training Center – ed.n.) in Cincu, Dincu stating that this is a matter for the framework nation, respectively in this case for France, the one that negotiates with the partners, with those who come to the respective “battle group”.

“Of course, we are also participating in the negotiations with France, we are trying to offer the best conditions, but in the end we hope that it will be a joint decision between France and Turkey for the Turkish military to participate in … ., because we also have very good relations with Turkey, from a military point of view and from a political point of view. Romania and Turkey have very good relations, very good economic relations, so I hope that we will complete, let’s say, this collaboration,”, concluded Minister Vasile Dincu, according to Agerpres.

The Minister of National Defence participated on Thursday, in Alba Iulia (northwest from Bucharest), in the closing ceremony of the school year at the Mihai Viteazul National Military College.

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