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June 27, 2022

Sofia Court of Appeal orders extradition of former Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea to Romania. Elena Udrea: There seems to be no justice for me in Romania or Bulgaria either

The Sofia Court of Appeal admitted on Friday the request of the Romanian authorities regarding the extradition of the former Minister of Tourism, Elena Udrea, who has to serve a 6-year imprisonment sentence in Romania, in the Gala Bute case.

The court in Bulgaria ordered the enforcement of the European warrant issued in the name of Elena Udrea and the extradition to Romania, the decision being final.

Elena Udrea was brought in handcuffs to the courtroom, where she received a verdict from Bulgarian judges.

On Friday, Elena Udrea made the last attempts to persuade the judges from the neighboring country not to send her to Romania. Thus, she requested the referral to the Court of Justice of the European Union with a preliminary question regarding the legal standard at the level of the European Union states.

As the settlement of the complaints at the CJEU takes a long time, Udrea requested that she be released until a CJEU verdict.

Udrea also told the Bulgarian judges about the numerous “wrongdoings” committed against her during the trial in Romania and asked them to reject the Romanian authorities’ request for her extradition.

In early April, Elena Udrea fled Romania before the Supreme Court upheld the 6-year prison sentence received in the Gala Bute case.

On April 7, Udrea was caught by the Bulgarian border police while trying to cross into Greece with a car at the Kulata crossing point.

In mid-April, the Blagoevgrad district court approved the enforcement of the European warrant issued in her name and her extradition to Romania.

Elena Udrea appealed this verdict at the Sofia Court of Appeal, to no avail.


Elena Udrea: There seems to be no justice for me in Romania or Bulgaria either


Former Minister of Tourism Elena Udrea, in a statement made immediately after a Bulgarian court decided to have her extradited to Romania to serve a 6-year prison sentence in the “Bute Gala” case, said that “there seems to be no justice” for her in Romania or Bulgaria either.

Udrea also told reporters on the halls of the Sofia Court of Appeal that she cannot explain to her little girl what is happening, but that she will lie to her that she cannot come home because she has something to do.

“There is seemingly no justice for me, neither in Romania, nor in Bulgaria. (…) I will come out with a message in the coming days for those who put pressure on the judges, but also for the judges who yielded to pressure. The judges have been subjected to pressure for the April 7 ruling,” Udrea said as she left the courtroom, handcuffed and escorted by Bulgarian police.

Asked how she will explain her absence to her daughter, Udrea replied: “Do you think that a three-year-old child knows what is happening or that I would tell her what is going on? I will tell her a lie again, that I cannot come because I have something to do, as I have been lying her for two months now”.


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