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August 13, 2022

TBI Bank launches a new 5-year deposit with a market leading 10% interest rate to counteract the inflation

The rising prices continue to reduce the purchasing power of the Romanians and the ever-increasing inflation continues to erode their savings. To help customers protect their money and achieve positive real returns, TBI Bank launches a new 5-year long deposit with a 10% interest rate. In addition, the Bank updated all other rates in Lei to also address the customers which prefer short and midterm tenors.

This is yet another action taken to support the Bank’s promise to customers to be the best place for their savings. TBI Bank now offers tenors between 1-60 months, with among the best fixed rates on the market starting with 5% for 1 month deposit, 8% for 12-month, 8.75% for 24-month and 9.50% for 48-month.

“With NBR expectation for inflation to drop below 10% in the coming years, we give our customers an efficient deposit instrument to mitigate the negative effects of inflation and to realize real, positive and predictable return from their savings”, says Lukas Tursa, SVP Funding, TBI Bank.

TBI stands by its customers also through exceptional services and offers 0 fees for online or offline account opening, administration, and depositing or withdrawal of money in cash from all deposits at maturity. Moreover, customers can renew their deposit at maturity if they opt for automatic renewal and capitalization of interest from the beginning and can still earn 1% interest even if they need their savings before maturity and choose an early termination of the deposit.




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