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August 17, 2022

NaradiX.ro platform is launching new content and extra-curricular courses for a new generation of future adapted students

  • More than 20,000 students have caught up school content in the last year on NaradiX.ro with the help of 2,039 teachers. The platform was designed by Narada with the support of strategic partner Global Vision to prevent dropouts;
  • One year after the platform launching, students have completed approximately 170,000 lessons leading to the acquisition of independent learning skills, increased competitiveness and self-confidence;
  • NaradiX.ro has been accessed by Romanian children from 135 countries also 695,000 students, parents and teachers have visited the platform.

New extra-curricular courses, applied courses focused on skills and active learning that make the learning process attractive to students across the country – these are the goals and novelties of the NaradiX.ro platform. It aims to support and continue the much-needed post-pandemic remedial education process and to help the younger generation be prepared in a practical way for the future challenges.

According to a recent McKinsey & Company study, during the pandemic years, children in Romania experienced learning delays of 4-6 months. In addition, 42% of Romanian students are illiterate and unable to interpret information or think for themselves. According to data from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, in 2020 no less than 259,000 children did not have access to online courses due to lack of the necessary technology, connectivity or even electricity. During this time, Narada has delivered 1,160 laptops and tablets to students across the country and solved 141 school infrastructure and technology issues.

A solution to reduce or even eliminate these gaps and to prevent dropouts, is offered by the NaradiX.ro platform, launched about a year ago by Narada organization. Originally conceived as a post-pandemic remedial education tool, NaradiX.ro – an active community of teachers and students across the country – is launching new content this summer. In addition to the already existing subjects in the compulsory curriculum for grades 0-8 (Romanian, mathematics, history and geography), NaradiX offers students new courses and lessons, such as STEM content (biology, physics and chemistry), English language courses, as well as extracurricular subjects in civic education, environmental education, personal development, including trainings for teachers, integration of refugee students and Ukrainian language introduction lessons, with Ukrainian-English and Ukrainian-Romanian options. This complementary curriculum is developed in collaboration with other organizations and specialists in the field.

In addition, between the 8th of June – the 8th of July and the 1st of August – the 1st of September students who register on NaradiX.ro can complete the courses, gather a number of points and have the possibility to win a tablet to continue learning. Also, every student who is accessing and learning on NaradiX.ro can help other children in unprivileged communities: for each student on the platform, Narada invests 1 euro in such communities to run offline remedial education activities.

Besides its continuous role of providing free access for students and teachers that can also use it as a work tool during their holidays, NaradiX is a perfect mechanism for connecting students with each other or with teachers all over the country for any question or guidance on the NaradiX chat. At the moment, NaradiX.ro counts more than 20,000 students and 2,039 registered teachers, 6,099 courses, 161 tests and almost 400 prizes won by the most hardworking students, including school supplies offered by BIC Romania and delivered by the logistic partner DPD Romania. One year after the launching of the platform, students have completed around 170,000 lessons leading to the acquisition of independent learning skills,  increased competitiveness and self-confidence. NaradiX.ro has been accessed by Romanian children from 135 countries and 695,000 students, parents and teachers have visited the platform.

With NaradiX.ro we aim at preparing for the challenges of the future, a new generation of young people who have both practical skills and knowledge of emotional intelligence, personal development etc., all necessary for balanced and complete training. The NaradiX.ro platform is the place where students not only learn, but also discover something completely new: that school can be instructive and a lot of fun if it is adapted to the times we live in“, says Andra Munteanu, President of Narada.

Through our projects, we are offering support to community development and focus our attention particularly on future generations. That’s why the continuation of the NaradiX project is a natural step for us to provide students with a top-standard curriculum. We strongly believe that it is essential to support Romanian education and, implicitly, to support the economy through a high retention rate of those promoted in Romania, in order to offer their know-how to the local business sector. At the same time, we want to offer new generations an example of consistency through our support in developing and refining the project started by Narada, in 2021, in the midst of a health and education access crisis. This project has proven to us, once again, that constant improving of processes and people is an essential part of life,” says Rusandra Bejan, Head of Operations Global Vision.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the NaradiX mission this summer can send an SMS to 8845 with the text “ELEV” for 2 euros or make an online donation by credit card on the organisation’s website.


About NaradiX:


At a time of intense instability for schools, NaradiX.ro, launched by Narada and made available,  free of charge to students and teachers in Romania – is a resource that brings value and consistency to the educational process. The primary objective of the platform is to prevent children – who are already at risk of dropping out of school, with gaps that were mainly installed during the pandemic period – from disconnecting from school, while contributing to the formation of students’ socio-emotional skills and preparing them for the future. It is also a digitized remedial education system that encourages a collaborative and team spirit for educational purposes that motivates students to learn through a reward mechanism.


About Narada


Visionaries, strategists, IT professionals, business people, communicators, managers and volunteers who understand that education is at the core of building healthy communities. A team of agile minds designing sustainable, technology-driven, current solutions to address education needs in Romania. An organization that believes that each success is meant to lead us to the next one. We are people who champion innovation in education, right where the problem comes from. Since 2017, we have been envisioning, designing and adapting initiatives that contribute to lowering the illiteracy rate in Romania and bringing education into the 21st century.

Children of the future grow up with Narada. Narada is a project created under the umbrella of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation. More information about Narada is available on the website, www.narada.ro and on the social channels Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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