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June 27, 2022

President Maia Sandu addresses joint session of Romanian, Moldovan Parliaments in Chisinau: We rely on Romania’s support and assistance throughout our EU accession path

President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, addressing on Saturday the joint sitting of the Romanian and the Moldovan Parliaments in Chisinau, said that the European Commission’s recommendation of candidate status for Moldova is a long-awaited result, emphasizing also that she counts on Romania’s support and assistance along this path.

“Yesterday we received the European Commission’s recommendation for EU candidate status. It is a result the citizens of the Republic of Moldova had been awaiting since long, which gives us the energy and motivation to work harder and better to transform Moldova’s society and economy in order to meet EU standards. We rely on Romania’s support and assistance along this path. Romania has always been at our side. Our relations are today at a 30-year peak, but we still have a lot to do and Romania’s experience and expertise have been and will continue to be of great help to us,” Maia Sandu said in her speech.

The Moldovan President pointed out that her country relies on Romania’s support also at the European Council meeting next week.

“Yesterday’s decision of the European Commission recommending the Council to grant Moldova candidate status is great news to us, but we know that the conclusive decision will happen next week. And at this important stage we count on your support. Please go to the European institutions, contact your colleagues in the EU member states and tell them that the Republic of Moldova fully shares the values of the EU and deserves this chance of joining the great European family,” said Maia Sandu.

She went on to note that there have been many attempts to hinder the evolution of the Republic of Moldova, the most recent being the war in Ukraine.

“Throughout our existence, history has put us through many trials, many of which have been in the process of developing and fulfilling our aspirations for peace and prosperity and have hindered the advancement of the Republic of Moldova. The most recent of them is this terrible and unfair war at our eastern border, which has amplified many of the Republic of Moldova’s systemic issues. Despite all this, we have always gathered around the same values, we value life, freedom and democracy, we respect the values of humanity and we want to live in peace and prosperity. We have fully proven this by the way our citizens have received and treated Ukraine refugees seeking shelter from the rage of war ever since its outbreak, showing solidarity and generosity. We have been and remain a country with free elections, where people have been able to defend democracy and have not allowed authoritarian regimes to take root. We are a society where various ethnic groups have coexisted in harmony for centuries, choosing good understanding instead of confrontation. Many of our citizens live, work and are integrated into EU member states,” said Maia Sandu.

The Moldovan President considers that Romania’s successful path within the EU is a model for her country.

“Romania’s evolution has encouraged us and has given us hope that it can be a successful model in the Republic of Moldova as well,” she emphasized, adding that Moldova’s economy is increasingly connected to the EU market, as two-thirds of its exports are bound for this market,” Maia Sandu explained.


Heads of Romanian Parliament express support for the two states’ conjoined future


Addressing a Moldova-Romania joint parliamentary sitting convened in Chisinau one day after the EC’s groundbreaking move to recommend candidate status for the Republic of Moldova, Speaker of Romania’s Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu and Senate President Florin Citu expressed support for the two states’ conjoined future.

Speaker Ciolacu said that Romania and Moldova must take “a new step” and work together to ensure a better life for their citizens.

“Today, we must take a new step and work together to ensure a better life for the citizens we represent. And the Republic of Moldova’s acquiring EU candidate status is the basis for achieving this goal, and I say ‘together’, because Romania’s 15 years of experience in the EU have shown us that this is the way to bring prosperity to the citizens. The future we build today must be conjoined and those who seek to separate us certainly do not pursue the good of our citizens,” Marcel Ciolacu told the joint sitting of the Romanian and Moldovan Parliaments.

“It’s Romania’s ambition to become a hub of stability and regional development by taking an active role in Ukraine’s reconstruction process. And I believe that the Republic of Moldova can and must become a strategic partner in the implementation of this goal,” Speaker Ciolacu said.

He went on to reaffirm Romania’s support and willingness to vouch, alongside its NATO and EU partners, for the neutrality of the Republic of Moldova and its right to follow its European path.

“Romania responds positively to the call made by the Republic of Moldova and will provide all the necessary support for it to develop the defense, security and anti-hybrid capabilities it needs to ensure its independence and territorial integrity,” he said, underscoring that when it comes to the fundamental values of European democracy and the European destiny of the Republic of Moldova, the two states will always be on the same side.

In his turn, President of the Romanian Senate Florin Citu said that the future of the Republic of Moldova is in the great European family.

“In today’s joint meeting we reaffirm the special connection between our countries. (…) The future of the Republic of Moldova is in the great European family. It is a fundamental desideratum not only for the Republic of Moldova, but for Romania too, by virtue of the past, values and ideals that unite us,” Florin Citu said in the speech delivered to the joint meeting of the Romanian and Moldovan Parliaments.

He stressed that Romania is and will be Moldova’s staunchest partner.

“We will continue to unreservedly support in all forms relevant at EU level the aspirations of the Republic of Moldova for firmly and irreversibly joining the European Union. (…) Romania will continue to provide substantial support to the needs of the Republic of Moldova through financial and material assistance and transfer of expertise and will stay actively engaged in the transposition of Moldova’s EU integration progress into concrete steps,” said Florin Citu.


Romanian, Moldovan Parliaments adopt joint declaration reiterating unconditional support for the European course  of the R. of Moldova


The representatives of the Parliaments of the Republic of Moldova and Romania signed on Saturday a joint declaration reiterating the “unconditional support” pledged over time by all political forces in Romania for the development, democratic consolidation and European course of the Republic of Moldova.

“We emphasize that Moldova’s concrete prospect to join the European Union is the key element for carrying on with reforms, encouraging the population of the Republic of Moldova in this period of extreme insecurity and material difficulties, giving it hope that in the near future it will be part of the European family, including in terms of European values and higher living standards. We reiterate the unconditional support pledged over time by all Romanian political forces for the development, democratic consolidation and European path of the Republic of Moldova. In particular, we emphasize the jointly agreed priority goal of implementing bilateral strategic projects, including interconnections in the field of energy, transport and infrastructure,” the document reads.

The joint efforts of the two sides represent “the solid foundation for the achievement of the priority strategic goal of firmly and irreversibly connecting the Republic of Moldova to the European Union”, with the support of Romania, the declaration states.

“An important pillar in this regard is the interconnection of markets, and Romania commits to step up its support for increasing the competitiveness of the Republic of Moldova’s economy and to intensify its presence and investments with a view to developing the economic partnership in a climate of stability and economic predictability at European standards and in accordance with the two states’ ambitions. In this regard, we note the strong commitment of the Moldovan authorities to implementing reforms in areas such as justice, the fight against corruption, the strengthening of the rule of law and resilience, good governance, economic and entrepreneurial freedom and streamlining public administration, which represent essential aspects both for the overall development of the Republic of Moldova and for the advancement of its European course,” the document reads.

According to the cited source, Romania will continue to provide “robust and constant support” in these efforts aimed at obtaining the status of candidate state and the decisive advancement, based on its own merits and firm reform efforts, for the European path of the Republic of Moldova.

“In the spirit of good cooperation and support for the European integration process, the format of joint sittings of the two states’ Parliaments will pursue the goal of conferring legislative activities a strategic vision, including in the meetings of the Joint Committees of the Romanian and Moldovan Parliaments. The parliamentary activity will gain momentum through the adoption of an ambitious plan of joint action of the two Parliaments, intended to support the reform agenda of the Republic of Moldova, the common aspiration to intensify bilateral cooperation, transpose European legislation, transfer expertise and advance European integration,” the joint declaration goes on to read.

The two Parliaments also expressed their “deep concern over security developments in the region” amid Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

“We strongly condemn the illegal, unprovoked and unjustified aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. We reaffirm our full support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. We reiterate our full support and deep compassion for the Ukrainian people, victim of this brutal aggression. We welcome the exemplary way in which the Romanian and Moldovan authorities, together with the civil society and the citizens of Romania and Moldova, manage the large number of Ukraine refugees. (…) Romania will continue to support Moldova in its complex effort to handle the flow of refugees from Ukraine and to maintain the resilience of its society,” the Romanian and Moldovan MPs underscore.

Also, according to the document, the two countries will continue “cooperation and coordination” in the areas of competence and mutual interest: justice and the fight against corruption, state security, border management and policing, culture, education, research, youth and sports, social assistance, economic cooperation and freedom, investment and public procurement, media, the digital sector and the information society, agriculture and the agri-food sector, environmental protection.


Head of Moldovan Parliament: Transnistrian frozen conflict cannot hinder Moldova’s EU accession process


President of the Moldovan Parliament Igor Grosu declared on Saturday that the Transnistrian issue cannot be an obstacle in the process of Moldova’s EU accession.

Asked at a press conference delivered together with the heads of the Romanian Parliament Florin Citu and Marcel Ciolacu after a joint sitting in Chisinau of the Romanian and Moldovan legislative bodies, if the Transnistrian conflict could be a serious obstacle to the initiation of EU accession negotiations for the Republic of Moldova, and if Moscow could influence the country’s European trajectory, Grosu replied: “Not even a frozen conflict – thankfully it’s frozen – can be an obstacle in the process of Moldova’s EU accession process. (…) That wall of propaganda, the barriers that others are trying to raise along the Dniester, they are already cracked by the vote of our citizens on the left bank of the Dniester in the latest parliamentary and presidential elections. They voted differently, because they see the difference when they cross to the right bank, when they arrive in Iasi or in Bucharest, they see the difference through the eyes of their children who go to study in EU countries, they see the difference in terms of service quality, in the authorities’ attitude towards the citizens. All these things give me reason to believe that this conflict cannot be an impediment. As regards the gas supply sources, we experienced a similar shock in 2005, perhaps a comparison is not that appropriate – with the embargo on Moldovan wines. Until then, our producers believed they can sell their wine to one destination alone. The lesson back then (…) served as an extraordinary impetus for them to get to sell their production anywhere in the world. Now, back to gas, we have many friends in the West, in the EU, with whom we will be able to diversify our gas and electricity sources, and believe me, we will be much better prepared for next winter and the winters to follow.”

In his turn, Speaker of Romania’s Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu said that no one and nothing can stand in the way of Moldova’s European course.

“Nothing and no one will stand in the way of the Republic of Moldova’s EU path, especially as it has Romania, a 15-year-old EU member, as a guarantor. I don’t want to get into details, instead I want to tell you a certainty – Moldova won’t enter an energy crisis, neither as gas nor as electricity is concerned. Romania has a duty to stand by Moldova’s side throughout this period,” Ciolacu pointed out.

President of Romania’s Senate Florin Citu also said that the Transnistrian issue and energy dependence on Russia cannot hamper Moldova’s European trajectory.

“As regards the frozen conflict, the decision of the [European] Parliament is clear. I am sure that all risks have been taken into account and they have obviously not tipped the scales against the Republic of Moldova, as the European Commission has already recommended to the European Council to grant Moldova candidate status. We have already gone through these discussions, we are now focusing on what the Republic of Moldova has to do after receiving candidate status; anyway, we should not stay idle these days, all Romanian MPs in Bucharest and the Romanian MEPs in Brussels must work to make sure that the result is right, that it comes free of conditionalities and we must get our message through to all European leaders until next Friday. As for Moscow, I’ve been telling you for long that it has no more say in the destiny of independent states like the Republic of Moldova,” was Florin Citu’s opinion.


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