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June 27, 2022

Senate President Citu: Social –Democrats have started a frenzied attack on the private sector since entered government

The president of the Senate, liberal Florin Citu, criticized on Monday the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which he says that ever since it came to government, had started a “frenzied attack on the private sector”, reiterating that the government programme does not provide for new taxes and noted that he would understand “very well” companies if they wanted to leave Romania.

“It is not a war, it is a government programme, the PNL (National Liberal Party) is bound by the government programme. There is nowhere in the government programme a phrase in which to claim that we will introduce new taxes, that we want to tax someone (…). It is an attack on the private sector as I have never seen,” Citu said at the Palace of Parliament, asked how he comments on the criticisms from PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu against the liberal partners on fiscal measures.

He added that a discussion about the Tax Code is good, yet not “in a ruffian” way, but in Parliament.

“We make a debate in the Romanian Parliament, the select committees from each party, we discuss, we see what the options are, we look at the estimates (…), it’s not a thing that someone throws at us every day (…). The PSD should be silent for several years. Here I think I am in the assent of all Romanians”, said Citu, according to Agerpres.

The president of the Senate also said that, for two years, PNL brought higher revenues to the budget, during which there was no talk of taxes in the private sector, and the multinationals “blasphemed” by the Social-Democrats paid their taxes in advance during the crisis period.

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