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August 8, 2022

Sibiu International Theater Festival kicks off: One of Romania’s cultural pillars, says Culture Minister Romascanu

Sibiu International Theater Festival (FITS) is one of Romania’s cultural pillars and “in the last years almost all that is good in the world comes to Sibiu,”, the Minister of Culture, Lucian Romascanu, declared at the festival’s opening ceremony, on Friday.

“You can clearly see, it is in the year that has passed, firstly, a cultural pillar of Romania where comes all that is good in Romania and in the last years, almost everything that is good in the world, comes to Sibiu, and apart from what art represents, a lot of people come to Sibiu. It is very important to see that from an economic standpoint the cultural sector produces money, just as Constantin Chiriac said, with a budget of 14% granted by the City Hall for culture, 18% will return following the cultural activities in Sibiu. The mark is huge for culture, for promoting Romania abroad, and all that he (Constantin Chiriac, ed. n.) is doing, is always a plus. (…) Sibiu, after it was declared a European Cultural Capital, is fighting against Bucharest, maybe even sometimes wins the title of Romania’s cultural capital,” Romascanu declared.

The Minister of Culture, Lucian Romascanu, took part in FITS’ opening ceremony, on Friday, which took place in a private company for the first time, a festival partner, where a representation of Yamamoto Noh Theater from Osaka unfolded.

The founding chairman of FITS, actor Constantin Chiriac, estimates that the festival will enjoy over 70,000 spectators per day, but warns the audience that it is possible for some artists to not be able to arrive because of the problems in the airports.

The festival’s first day will end with a first for Romania, a show with over 200 drones and lasers, which will take place in the market next to the Sibiu theater, starting with 23:15, where the public will have free access. It is for the first time when Sibiu FITS replaces fireworks with drones and lasers, in order to protect the birds and animals, some dying in the past because of the fireworks.

“It is for the first time when we are replacing fireworks with drones and lasers. We had two rehearsals last night and the night before, so that everything will run like clockwise. Believe us when we say that dozens of important artists took part, starting with Mr. Sirli, Pricop, Condurache, all those who worked with the teams of which we are speaking of. It is a unique show, with music by Enescu, and at the end “Ode to Joy”, rearranged by Mr Sirli. Thus, we are taking care, sending out a sign to all event organizers that at this moment costs are not much higher to organize such an event, no more birds, cats, dogs will die, and you will see tonight, the atmosphere is absolutely unique,” Constantin Chiriac announced, according to Agerpres.

The updated schedule of FITS can be found on www.sibfest.ro and in the FITS App.


Photo: Sebastian Marcovici

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