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August 9, 2022

David Popovici: I want to thank all the Romanians who followed me and who held their breath in front of the screens

Swimmer David Popovici, double world champion, in the 100 m and 200 m free style, was moved by the reception upon his return to the country on Sunday night, at the Official Salon of the Henri Coanda-Otopeni International Airport, thanked all the Romanians who followed him at the World Championships in Budapest (Hungary) and added that he was looking forward to compete at home, in Otopeni, on the occasion of the Junior Europeans (July 5-10).

“I have to admit that I’m not used to so many people and so much attention, but it’s still me, just as natural. I want to say the most important thing I have to say. I want to thank those who believed in me, who supported me and continue to support me. And in fact, I want to thank all the Romanians who followed me and who held their breath in front of the screens, the Romanians who came to follow me in person in Budapest. It was superb and, I don’t know, I think a lot of people would like to be in my situation knowing that so many people support them. And I’m really hon0uored to represent this beautiful country and to feel you next to me,” said the first world champion of men’s swimming in our country.

Although he has just finished the Budapest World Championships, David Popovici will resume on Monday the training to offer a new medal festival at the Junior European Championships in Otopeni and he wants a loud support of the fans.

”I can’t wait to compete at the European Junior Championships, I’m waiting for you in the highest number and I can’t wait to feel how the Hungarian athletes felt at these World Championships, to feel what it’s like to compete at home, and I want the rostrum to be as crowdy as possible, to help us as best as possible to get into the state of competition. Honestly, I can’t wait for our names to be called out when we are going to have a sample, not only mine, but also the names of all the other Romanian athletes, to feel really special. Because that’s a really unique moment. There are still European seniors, Junior Worlds, Worlds in short pool, we have a pretty full competitive season, but I think the Junior Europeans in Otopeni will certainly be memorable,” David Popovici added, according to Agerpres.

Regarding Monday’s meeting at the Romanian Government with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, David Popovici said that ”I do not know if sport will have a better and stronger image in our country, but I can hope that the wave that I’ve created now and that I continue to create will bring positive reactions and will help sport progress tonight, because it clearly needs a little resuscitation. I hope I was one of the people to help with this. But I can’t wait to see how I managed to change this sport and sport in Romania in general and I hope that in this process I will have inspired as many people as possible, not only to start some sport, but also to have a healthier life, because this is also one of my personal goals.”

Popovici has set himself on his dream list, among other things, to become the fastest in history and to inspire as many people as possible: “I and my team somehow have this philosophy of never touching the perfect, but of moving as much towards it as possible. I believe that this is true in any field, as long as you try every day to be the best version of yourself, eventually you will manage to be, even if it does not mean the absolute perfect. My goal is to become a better version of myself every day, and I think that’s a recipe for a happy life. (…) I wanted to become the best in the world, an irrefutable title, I think my biggest dream from a professional point of view is to become the fastest in history, if possible in one race, it’s super, if possible in more it’s also more super. We work on this every day, we try to improve ourselves, and another very big dream of mine is to inspire as many people as possible and to make the world feel the same emotions, to live them with me, once I do the thing I’m good at, swimming.”

Romania won two gold medals at the World Championships in Budapest, both through the young David Popovici (17 years old), a member of CS Dinamo, who won the 100 m free style and 200 m free style, while Robert Glinta, also with CS Dinamo, took a fifth place in the final from the 50 m back stroke and the eighth place in the final from the 100 m back stroke. Popovici also set two new world junior records in Budapest in the 100 and 200 m free style.

David Popovici, 17, a debutant at the Senior Worlds in the Olympic pool, brought the first two world titles for the Romanian men’s swimming. Romania also has two gold medals, won by Tamara Costache (50 m free style, 1986) and Diana Mocanu (200 m back stroke, 2001). Romania’s sporting record at worlds is now four gold medals, one silver and six bronze medals.


Photo: Facebook/Comitetul Olimpic si Sportiv Roman

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