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August 17, 2022

President Iohannis: We do not have a plan to enter into an austerity process

I do not intend to accept a new experiment of this type with Romania

President Klaus Iohannis said in a press conference at the Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday that he did not think it would be necessary and that there was no plan to enter an austerity process, arguing that we had the economic crisis of 2009, 2010 , 2011 where there was a European attempt to combat the crisis with austerity measures, and the result was not good. “I do not intend to accept a new experiment of this type with Romania,” Iohannis warned.

“I do not believe and we do not have a plan to enter into an austerity process. We had the economic crisis of 2009, 2010, 2011 where there was an attempt at European level to fight the crisis with austerity measures, it was not a good result. I do not intend to accept a new experiment of this type with Romania. The plan we have was presented by the Government. It is a plan that has worked very well so far, the Government allocates enough money for investments, we are very lucky that we have substantial European funds both on ordinary European funds and on PNRR (National Plan for Recovery and Resilience). On the other hand, the Government came with successive support packages to help the vulnerable population “, said Klaus Iohannis.

He said it was important to prepare for these difficult times.

“We will continue to have significant investments in infrastructure and economy, we will also have support packages where needed. The situation is complex, the energy crisis is not over, we are talking about a food crisis that may not directly affect us, but if global prices rise, the result will be the same for us. It is important to prepare for these times, which will be complicated. I would have liked to have only positive news as I had on foreign policy and security, but these crises were not generated by us, but by others, in this case Russia who attacked Ukraine and caused the energy crisis and all the other crises. We must be patient and the Government must take the wisest measures, support the vulnerable population in all respects and at the same time come to the aid of the economy ,”  Iohannis also stated.


Romania, an actively involved actor in European politics, security policy


Romania is an actively involved actor in European politics and security policy, President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday during a press conference at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, where he spoke about the recent decisions of the European Council and the NATO Summit last week.

“These meetings have rendered Romania safer, more visible and have proven a point that has been discussed many times and which I think now received an adequate answer – that Romania is an actor highly involved in the European politics and security policy. Romanians are better defended, Romania is better protected,” Iohannis said.


Modernization of entire Fiscal Code framework is required


President Klaus Iohannis declared on Tuesday that he discussed with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca and the Ministers about amendments to the Fiscal Code, showing that a modernization of the entire framework is required.

“I discussed these projects with the prime minister and the ministers. Firstly, I believe it is important to know that these matters will be up for public debate and will not be decided over night, as it is being said. There is another stage of talks with the business environment, with the unions. The second matter, there is no point in speculating matters that may never be put into practice, such as rationalizing gas or other things that nobody wants and if there were talks, those were technical talks, because if a catastrophe should occur, it is better to be prepared for it, but we are not working in that scenario. On the other hand, it is a well known matter that there is a series of taxes and levies that were introduced in other circumstances, without being very well-founded or discussed. We need a modernization of this entire framework. That is being worked on, it will be presented by the Government, not by myself. I asked them to carefully analyze, to not end up being an additional burden for the common people, to not have a business inhibition, but rather to have a correction which makes matters more transparent, fairer and which will definitively lead to a better collection of money to the state budget. A better collection meaning a reduction in tax evasion,” the head of state said, during a press conference at Cotroceni Palace.

He highlighted that “there are no talks about any levies or taxes for the common people, but situations where there were regulations that were not thoroughly thought out, namely regulations that come to eliminate certain loopholes from the Fiscal Code”.


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