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August 17, 2022

Petre Daea – nominated by PSD for position of Minister of Agriculture

The National Political Council of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) voted, on Wednesday, in a sitting, for the nomination of Petre Daea as Minister of Agriculture.

The information was confirmed by the party chairman, Marcel Ciolacu who  announced on Wednesday that PSD  leadership has unanimously voted for Petre Daea to return to the Ministry of Agriculture, “I decided, along with my colleagues, that the replacement for Adrian Chesnoiu should be former minister Petre Daea, a man with experience and a man who does not need to learn the Ministry and the problems that farmers and agriculturists are facing, a patriot, beloved by all those that are in the agricultural sector. I am glad that all of my colleagues, just like old times, voted unanimously within the party in order for Minister Petre Daea to return to the Romanian Government. With this nomination we will go to the Prime Minister, after that you know the procedures,” Ciolacu declared, at the end of PSD’s National Political Council.

He specified that there were four proposals for this position.

On June 28, the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies adopted a draft resolution for lifting the immunity of PSD deputy Adrian Chesnoiu, with 251 votes “in favor” and 25 “against”. Prior, on June 23, the Prosecutor General sent to the Chamber of Deputies a report from the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for exercise of its prerogative of criminally investigating Adrian Chesnoiu, Minister of Agriculture. Chesnoiu announced that he will resign from the position of Minister and announced his withdrawal from the Social Democratic Party.



Photo: Facebook/Petre Daea

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