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August 15, 2022

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba: I wholeheartedly thank Romania, our good friend and neighbor

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, thanked Romania “wholeheartedly” for the help given to Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis generated by Russia’s military aggression and called again for his country to receive heavy weapons to stabilize the front line, emphasizing that “there are limits to courage.”

“I would like to wholeheartedly thank Romania, our good friend and neighbor, for everything it has done since the beginning of this large-scale invasion of Ukraine,” Kuleba said Thursday in a videoconference speech at a security forum, hosted in Bucharest.

This is the 22nd edition of the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum format, entitled “The War in Ukraine: Reshaping the Global Security Map”, an event organized at the Parliament Palace.In a speech to forum participants, Kuleba stressed that Putin wants to provoke a crisis in Europe and is motivated by “hatred of the well-being of Europeans.”

“We are facing an unprecedented challenge when a permanent member of the Security Council launched an aggression against another state. This war is unprecedented in our century and we must not be mistaken for Russia’s real intentions. Putin is ready to re-draw borders, to destroy Europe. Russia was seen as a competitive force in the international arena, but this time it used force to destroy the stability of other nations. Putin’s idea is simple, he wants to impose Russian standards on the whole world, namely lack of justice. Putin’s goal is to knock on every European door, presenting a crisis: economic, inflation or any form of instability. A crisis in Europe would allow Putin to show the Russians that those in Europe do not live better than they do and that there is no point in opposing them,” the head of diplomacy in Kyiv said.

Kuleba called for help from democratic states, especially for heavy weapons, saying “there are limits to courage and courage cannot do everything alone if it lacks the means.”

“Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and the Baltic states are Russia’s primary targets, but other European nations are already under Russian attack by various means. That is why it is important that we continue to support Ukraine. We, Ukrainians, have proved that we can defeat the Russians. The losses suffered in eastern Ukraine are due to the use of heavy weapons. There are limits to courage. Courage cannot do everything alone if it lacks the means. In some areas, Russian forces outnumber Ukrainian forces by 1/10, so it is necessary for all the other countries to give Ukraine help quickly. We need heavy weapons to stabilize the situation on the entire front line, we need enough military tools to defeat Russia. Any support action for Ukraine is in fact an investment in regional stability,” said Ukraine’s foreign minister.


Ciuca: Romania remains one of the most active supporters of Ukraine’s European journey


Romania remains one of the “most active” supporters of Ukraine’s European journey, Romania’s Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said in a video message to the 22nd edition of the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum taking place at the Romanian Parliament House in Bucharest.

“Romania remains one of the most active supporters of Ukraine’s European journey. The recent recognition of Ukraine’s status of a candidate for EU membership, together with Moldova, is a concrete sign of hope for those who have taken up the option for freedom and democratic values,” the prime minister said in his message.

He also said that Romania has intensified its efforts to help Ukraine export its grains.

“We have stepped up our efforts to help Ukraine export its grains, successfully doubling the quantities. And we continue to mobilise on our roads, railways and ports on the Danube and the Black Sea, giving priority to flows from Ukraine or Moldova,” said the prime minister.

Ciuca added that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, on February 24, over 1,400,000 Ukrainians have entered Romania, and over 100,000 decided to stay.

“The Ukraine war has turned into a long war of attrition and destruction. It is far from a war of the 21st century, as it uses unguided bombs that destroy buildings, shops, malls, hospitals and kindergartens. More importantly, Putin’s war in Ukraine has directly challenged the rules-based order,” said Ciuca.

He added that appropriate commitments were made at the recent NATO summit in Madrid to go further and ensure the defence and security of all member states – “continued support for Ukraine as needed, but also support for the countries exposed in area – Moldova, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“The new strategic concept underlined Russia’s real status. (…) The document strengthened support for Ukraine and invited Sweden and Finland to become full members of the alliance. Equally important to Romania is calling the Black Sea and the Western Balkans regions of strategic interest for the alliance,” added Ciuca.

According to him, everyone is concerned about the prospect of change in the Ukraine war.

“The challenges are already present as interdependent and overlapping crises we have to face: the COVID-19 pandemic, energy prices and shortages, the large-scale war in Ukraine, food security and economic crises. No government is spared the impact of these crises on the citizens. But we have proved to be more resilient and united than some autocratic countries thought we would be, and we have managed to overcome the difficulties of war through the cohesion of democratic countries, and that is the most important and best news we can convey to our citizens,” said Ciuca.


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