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August 10, 2022

Social Media and dental health. Dr. Alexandra Mircea, the biggest medical influencer, with almost 1 million followers, answers questions

With a community of almost 1 million people on all social networks, Dr. Alexandra Mircea is, without a doubt, the most influential Romanian doctor.

Her videos went viral and, in this way, a large number of people had access to accurate dental health information. So far, 145 million views have been counted by Dr. Alexandra Mircea on Youtube, being the first and only Romanian doctor to obtain the silver button from the platform, recognizing the exceeding 100,000 subscribers. On TikTok, she has surpassed 350 million views.

“Being the most influential doctor means that I can help as many people as possible. On the one hand, I offer free information, answers and advice to those who are getting in touch with me on online platforms and, on the other hand, I aim to offer the best quality services in my clinic, a place where both patients, as well as doctors, come with pleasure”, said Dr. Alexandra Mircea.


The fear of pain and the myths circulating in the online environment, among the reasons why Romanians postpone the visit to the dental office


Although dental health influences the general health of an individual, in Romania, unfortunately, most people postpone visiting a doctor. From the interaction with those who follow her on Youtube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, Dr. Alexandra Mircea noticed that the reasons why this happens are mainly the fear of pain, the sound of medical devices, the smell in the dental office, the price of dental treatments, the relationship with the dentist, the fear of being judged or the lack of information about the treatment plan. The 10,000 analyzed answers came as a result of the questions asked by Dr. Alexandra Mircea on her Social Media channels. The survey confirms that patients still associate pain with the dentist, although in recent years, much has changed both in terms of interaction with dentists and in the office – the equipment is much less noisy, the interventions are less unpleasant, and that specific smell of dental offices no longer exists.


The Romanian dream: Dr. Alexandra Mircea wants to convince the doctors who have emigrated to come back to Romania


In addition to the fact that Dr. Mircea’s online approach has determined thousands of people to finally come to be treated for problems that have bothered them for a long time, her vision of working conditions in a clinic has already made three specialists who had emigrated to return to Romania, to work with her: “I am struggling to keep the best doctors in the country and, moreover, to even bring back those who left, whether they are doctors, nurses or people on customer care positions”, she declares.


Her passion for Social Media led to entrepreneurship


The Dentalist Clinic, owned by dr. Alexandra Mircea, opened out of her desire to treat people in the community as she thinks is natural, putting patient comfort first and patiently explaining, to everyone’s understanding, the treatment plan. Today, Dr. Alexandra Mircea leads a team of 35 people: medical and administrative staff, but also media production, for the content on social networks.

“More than 50% of patients found out about me and my clinic from my online social platforms. The patients I meet in the halls of the clinic recognize me, greet each other and exchange a few words. Many confess to me that they now have confidence in the dentist because of me. I am grateful to them and I am glad to have such a beautiful online community with which I also interact at the clinic”, underlined Dr. Alexandra Mircea.


About Dr. Alexandra Mircea


Dr. Alexandra Mircea is the most followed Romanian doctor on Social Media. She is a 35-years old dentist, Invisalign specialist and Dental Awareness speaker. She is also a graduate of the Leadership Principles course at Harvard Business School.


About Dentalist


The Dentalist Clinic was opened in 2020 and has 5 medical offices covering all dental specialties, plus a radiology office. Dentalist is the dental clinic where most patients are treated with the help of transparent dental appliances, an innovation in orthodontics.



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