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August 8, 2022

Romanian farmers may change destination of drought-hit crops, get per area subsidies

Romanian farmers will be allowed to change the destination of their crops hit by drought, and will also qualify for per area subsidies with the entry into force of a joint order issued by the agriculture and interior ministers to be published in the Official Journal.

“Everyone is asking for what they want, and it’s not bad that everyone is asking for what they think, but I’m doing the right thing, namely today I have drafted a piece of legislation amending the initial order to allow farmers to change the destination of the affected crops, from grains for example to animal husbandry, so that they can have free areas for autumn works for the next agricultural year, and obviously to use them for the purpose of production that they consider to be necessary green area that is recovered as a result of early harvest and not to wait for the assessing boards, which had November 30 as the deadline for the submission of papers. Obviously, plants could have disappeared by then,” Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea told AGERPRES on Tuesday after the Alliance for Agriculture and Co-operation requested that a state of calamity be declared as a result of severe soil drought.

Daea added that this measure allows farmers to harvest faster and leave at least 5% of the area under an affected crops for examination to get compensations.

He said that immediately after taking the oath of office he left for certain agricultural areas where he knew that there were problems due to the soil drought that had taken over certain areas in the south, east and northeast parts of Romania.

The Alliance for Agriculture and Cooperation requests that a state of calamity be declared by July 31, as a result of severe soil drought and atmospheric drought in the areas where more than 50% of the surface covered by a crop is affected.


Photo: www.pixabay.com

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