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August 10, 2022

IntMin Bode: In the current troubled international context, Romania needs strong and credible institutions

Minister of the Interior Lucian Bode declared on Thursday, on the occasion of Interior Ministry Day, that Romania needs strong and credible institutions, particularly in the “troubled international context” we are going through.

“This year is an extremely complex one from the perspective of the security context and will remain so, because the challenges are not over yet. The return of the war to Europe, as a result of the unprovoked and unjustified aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, has put to the test the public systems’ capacity of reaction. The system of defense, public order and national security was at the forefront again and has efficiently handled all these challenges,” said the Interior Minister.

He pointed out that the institutions under the umbrella of the Ministry of the Interior had a significant workload on their hands, specifically processing at the border an inflow of over 1.5 million Ukrainian citizens who entered Romania since the beginning of the military conflict.

“I am referring to the operationalization of the logistics hub in Suceava, but also of the other mobile camps for refugees, I am also referring to the adaptation of operational measures to the evolution of the identified risks,” Bode specified.

The Interior Minister also remarked that drug use directly or indirectly affects everyone.

“The dynamics of these phenomena is huge and there is no respite for the structures of the Interior Ministry, which substantially contributed to the titanic work done during this period”, the Minister of the Interior also declared.

Lucian Bode also announced that starting this year, the Ministry of the Interior will have a flag of its own.

“It’s an institutional sign specific to the units of the Ministry of the Interior, a recognition of the merits of the central structures that ensure the integrated coordination of the institution’s activity. It’s an element that individualizes this structure and I would also want it to have a catalytic role and enhance the accountability of all those who are part of it,” Bode said.

A festivity was organized at Interior Ministry’s headquarters on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the creation of this Ministry, during which the personnel who stood out in the last year through their activity and results were presented with distinctions.


Iohannis: Putting in effort for completion of Romania’s Schengen accession – one of Interior Ministry’s major goals


In a message on Thursday on the occasion of Interior Ministry Day, President Klaus Iohannis points out that contributing to the completion of Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area, strengthening the National Emergency Management System, the protection of national critical infrastructure and enhanced resilience in all areas of social activity must be among the Ministry’s major goals.

“160 years have passed since the establishment of the country’s first Ministry of the Interior. Your institution is now a modern one, which must ensure the safety of our citizens with an ever increasing professionalism and get actively involved in achieving a set of EU strategic goals. I appreciate the significant efforts made to prevent and combat crime, illegal migration and to secure the state border and the common borders of the European Union. The major goals of the Ministry of the Interior must include contributing to the completion of the process of Romania’s Schengen accession, strengthening the National Emergency Management System, the protection of national critical infrastructures and the increase of resilience in all fields of social activity. Through the correct and indiscriminate enforcement of the law, you have the mission to make all the citizens of our country feel protected and permanently safe,” the head of the state writes in the message delivered by presidential advisor Ion Oprisor at the event organized on this occasion at the headquarters of the Interior Ministry.

President Iohannis thanks all police officers, firefighters, gendarmes, border guards and other Ministry personnel who ensure with devotion and dedication the security of Romanian citizens and respect for their rights and freedoms.

Also, the head of the state thanks all those who carry out their activity within missions or multinational cooperation formats and who contribute with dedication and engagement to the increase of Romania’s international prestige. He also shows that a pious tribute is paid on this day to those who laid down their lives in the country or outside the borders of Romania, in the service of the citizen and in the fulfillment of the missions entrusted to them.

President Iohannis goes on to note that Europe is facing the worst security crisis in decades, caused by the Russian Federation’s military aggression against Ukraine, which is why the states in the region – Romania included – are faced with significant refugee flows. He points out that the Ministry of the Interior, together with other state institutions, is at the forefront of supporting these people, including by facilitating the transfer of international humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people.

“I urge you to continue to fulfill all your missions with honor, integrity, honesty and firmness, thus contributing to the strengthening of the feeling of public security the citizens of Romania so much need,” President Iohannis concludes.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: Facebook/Lucian Bode

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