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August 18, 2022

Bitpanda introduces new Crypto Indices as a zero-maintenance, long-term way to build diversified cryptocurrency portfolios

This product extension focusing on industry trends expands Bitpanda’s industry leading Crypto Indices offering, while providing investors with a convenient way of investing in cryptocurrencies

 Leading European digital investment platform Bitpanda has launched new thematic Bitpanda Crypto Indices (BCI) as an easy, automated way for anyone interested to invest into different segments within the crypto space.

The complexity of the cryptocurrency market prompted Bitpanda to introduce its Bitpanda Crypto Indices in 2020 for people interested in a hands-off approach to crypto investing. The fintech’s Crypto Indices allow both experienced and new investors to build a diversified crypto portfolio without having to do their own due diligence on specific crypto projects. Initially, Bitpanda launched three different Crypto Index products – the BCI5, the BCI10 and the BCI25 – which auto-invest in the top 5, top 10 or top 25 cryptocurrencies based on their popularity measured by market size and liquidity. Due to popular demand, Bitpanda has extended the existing offering. Its new Crypto Indices will offer investors the opportunity to invest in crypto projects in the areas of Metaverse, Infrastructure, Smart Contracts, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and allow them to keep track of the most important, fast evolving crypto market trends.

ERIC DEMUTH, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitpanda said: “We launched Bitpanda Crypto Indices as a game changer for all people interested in crypto, especially newer investors who didn’t know where to start building their crypto portfolios. ETFs tracking the world’s biggest markets had been growing in popularity for years, but there was no easy way to do the same with crypto. With the Bitpanda Crypto Indexes we offered our customers the opportunity to get exposure to the crypto market and start investing in crypto. . Now, it’s time for the obvious next step. These four new Crypto Indices give people the chance to invest in areas they are passionate about.. There’s no hassle, no need to constantly research new crypto projects, just a simple way for everyone to diversify their portfolios.”


Diversified portfolios and full control


The new Crypto Indices allow investors to buy multiple assets in an emerging area they are passionate about, without the need to continually review and rebalance their portfolios manually. To be more precise, the four indices will give investors access to:

  • Infrastructure leaders – Coins supporting decentralised programmes designed to perform specific tasks;
  • Metaverse leaders – Coins related to games, and social media;
  • Smart Contract leaders – Coins supporting blockchain protocols that allow the hosting of self developed and 3rd party apps;
  • DeFi leaders – Coins related to financial services built on top of decentralised networks with no central intermediaries .

Crypto projects within each ‘basket’ are chosen based on the overarching theme, and balanced around market capitalisation. Each month, the indices are automatically rebalanced according to changes in the market based on calculations and reviews by MarketVector Indexes GmbH, the index division of the leading asset manager VanEck.


Combine with Savings Plans to never miss out again


Bitpanda’s customers can buy, sell or swap the new Crypto Indices just like any other digital asset on the platform, with a tap of a button, simple and secure. The majority of investors who already hold Bitpanda Crypto Indices combine them with a Savings Plan, allowing them to schedule the automated purchase of assets on a recurring basis. Once a Savings Plan has been created, it automatically buys at the set time of their choice, allowing them to benefit from the cost average effect with maximum flexibility.


One platform for all investments


Bitpanda started as a crypto-trading company in 2014 with Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer as co-founders. Since then, the company has grown into the leading investment platform in Europe, steadily approaching 4 million investors across several markets. New investors can open a free Bitpanda account and start investing in minutes in a wide range of digital assets – from cryptocurrencies, commission-free Bitpanda Stocks & ETFs, to precious metals. Depending on their budget and risk appetite, they can start from as little as 1 Euro while the platform is available 24/7, even outside of traditional trading hours.



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