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August 9, 2022

DefMin Dincu: Approximately 10% of Ministry of National Defense staff is made up of women

Approximately 10% of the staff of the Ministry of Defense is made up of women, the Minister of Defense, Vasile Dincu informed on Monday, describing this percentage as a “good” one.

He attended an event at the Palace of Parliament marking two years since the adoption of the National Strategy and the National Action Plan “Women, Peace and Security”.

“At the moment, at all levels, we have around 10% women, which is a good percentage, especially since we started quite late if we look at what happened to this Government Decision of 2020 which created a national strategy and a national plan for the implementation in Romanian institutions, in the central and local administration of Resolution 1235 [of UN on gender equality]. We see that we have undertaken this Resolution after 20 years, but things are going very well,” the minister specified.

In his opinion, in this field, Romania is in a “pretty good” situation.

Vasile Dincu spoke about gender quotas, including on the electoral lists, and past experience.

“It was quite difficult to find women who wanted to take up a political career, because politics does not have a very good image in Romania. (…) Politics is not so tempting, especially given that trust in parties, in institutions, in politicians is very small. We hope that this will change,” he added.

The minister of defense also noted that many of the people who have helped Ukrainian refugees as part of civil society are women.

“This situation we have today, including this recent conflict in Ukraine which is generating a massive influx of refugees, some of whom are women, can help us better understand what we should do in the future,” Dincu said.


Military drone acquisition shortly completed


Defence Minister Vasile Dincu said on Monday that the acquisition of military drones by Romania will be shortly completed.

“It is an acquisition process that is still in progress. There are negotiations that our acquisition board are conducting with the winner of the auction in order to perfectly meet the initial requirements that those who participated in the auction made in their offerings. We will probably have a press release on this subject in a short time. This acquisition will probably be shortly completed,” said the minister.

Thus, he added, the programme for military drones will become operational. “We will have other programmes, probably, because drones are produced in Romania as well, and drones are not the only component in a country’s defence,” Dincu said, according to Agerpres.

He added that the Defence Ministry will come up with an army acquisition strategy this autumn.


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