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August 10, 2022

EnvinMin: There are many localities where drinking water is becoming increasingly precious

Drinking water is becoming increasingly precious in many localities and measures will be taken to restrict consumption, to protect the resource and ensure drinking water in the medium and long term, the Environment Minister, Tanczos Barna, told a press conference on Tuesday.

“Indeed, there are many localities where drinking water is becoming more and more precious and, if we do not protect this drinking water, which, as I said last week, is going through an extensive process of filtration, preparation for consumption… we need to protect this drinking water and these measures to restrict consumption are meant to protect the resource and ensure drinking water in the medium and long term. I hope that this period of drought will not last very long, but certainly the next two weeks will be like this, with very little rain and high temperatures. All the forecasts from our colleagues from the ANM [National Meteorological Authority – editor’s note] show this. We see what is happening in the other European states as well,” said Tanczos Barna.

He underscored that the measures aim to limit the consumption of drinking water for other purposes, and in some situations the water consumption will be limited to a certain period during the day, in order to restore reserves, by a decision of the local authorities – the local public authorities and the supplier of drinking water, actually.

“Where we end up in special, critical situations, there the authorities will be helped, both by ISU [Inspectorate for Emergency Situations – editor’s note] and by the Romanian Waters, if alternative solutions can be found,” the Environment Minister pointed out, according to Agerpres.

The Romanian Waters National Authority drew attention on Tuesday that the population should use water resources rationally, so that they are sufficient for all beneficiaries, in the context in which 214 localities have restricted water supply service, due to drought and very high consumption.

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