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August 11, 2022

Nordis Group sold 255 units worth 123.7 million RON in the first half of 2022

Nordis Group, the only developer of 5-star hotel and residential complexes in Romania, announces sales of 123.7 million RON in the first 6 months of 2022.

This amount represents the value of pre-contracts for the sale of apartments in the 4 projects that Nordis Group has under development at this moment. The signing of the sale-purchase contracts from Nordis Mamaia, which started on July 15 and runs until the end of the year, will considerably increase the total annual revenues.

In the real estate market, the year 2022 followed the upward trend of last year, with the relaxation of the pandemic situation, but especially with the increase of the VAT threshold of 5% to the amount of approximately 140,000 Euros. This, coupled with the rising trend of inflation, has been an incentive for investors who want a better annual return on their savings. Buyers can benefit from the 5% VAT advantage for units up to 140,000 Euros only until the end of this year. For 2023, changes in tax legislation have already been announced.

The war in Ukraine caused a period of analysis on acquisitions, but this moment was paradoxically exceeded, precisely because inflation rose from 8.4% in January to 15% in June. In this context, people wanted to protect their savings and make safe investments. Thus, Nordis Group signed sales promises, in the first 6 months of the year, for 255 units of its projects: Nordis Mamaia, Nordis Sinaia, Nordis Brasov and Nordis View in Bucharest.

Nordis Group is developing, in the most attractive resort in Romania, a complex concept, respectively 5 – star hotel and residential complexes, with a mix of facilities included: SPA of 3,200 sqm, fitness room, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants and cafes, gym multipurpose for events, playground, VIP cinema, medical recovery clinic, private beach of 26,000 sqm.

Buyers have opted for an investment in a residential apartment – holiday home, where they will experience the quality of life in terms of comfort and 5 – star services, in a natural fairy tale setting, both in the mountains (Brasov, Sinaia) and at the seaside (Mamaia Nord). This type of real estate product is valued over time by about 40% and brings a yield of 10% annually, buyers having the opportunity to choose property management services from Nordis.

Investors interested in a safe option, better than bank deposits, stock exchanges or cryptocurrencies, have chosen to invest in the most attractive real estate concept: a hotel room within the Nordis complexes. This option is a real estate investment that has the characteristics of a financial product.

For a period of 30 years, each investor receives a monthly passive income, with an annual return of 7% guaranteed by contract, but also a free vacation of 7 days per year, estimated at 2.000 Euro per year. The real estate product benefits from an appreciation of 40% and is easy to sell in case of need, in terms of rental income, which will benefit the next owner.

“We started handing over the completed apartments from stage I Nordis Mamaia, which becomes the most important factor of credibility for our public. The fact that we have available only 11% of the volume of units ready for delivery in Nordis Mamaia increases the interest. For the second part of 2022. we expect better results compared to the first part of the year. The degree of recommendation of existing customers, which we have at the level of all our projects is close to 40%, which validates the level of trust and satisfaction of the buyers, but also the fact that the investors want, in the newly created communities, people like them”, declares Florin Postoaca, Sales Manager of Nordis Group.

On July 15, Nordis Group started the process of handing over the completed units from Nordis Mamaia. The signing of the sale-purchase contracts will take place in stages, until the end of the year up to 1,000 units will be handed over to the owners. In the first 6 months of the year, 135 units from stage II and 57 units from stage I were sold in Nordis Mamaia. The best-selling units were the residential studio apartments from stage II of development of Nordis Mamaia.

Such units bring an annual yield of about 10%. The apartments offer views of the Black Sea or Lake Siutghiol, having the advantage of positioning in the most desired area of the Romanian coast.

At the end of the year, the inauguration of Nordis Hotel Mamaia is planned, at which point the entire financial concept becomes not only active, but also viable for the business model managed by Nordis Group. The first buyers of the Nordis Mamaia complex, who have booked a unit since 2019, at the launch of the project, currently benefit from an investment appreciation of 125%, influenced by the development of the concept to the standard of a 5-star resort, the maturity stage of the complex, product marketing activity and market evolution.


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